Customer feedback software is an invaluable tool for every SaaS company. With businesses successfully paving way in their respective arena, many profound and improved techniques have been discovered for a better and seamless user experience.

The frill is one such software that makes the feedback-taking process easy. It’s a painstaking process to figure out what features customers want. Frill makes gathering, prioritizing, and communicating feature updates a breeze. Frill organizes and collects feature requests so you may better understand client demands and prioritize your roadmap. In this article, we have enlisted the top 10 frill alternatives.

Top 10 Frill Alternatives To Manage Feature Request


Saasfe is an incredible frill alternative. It helps you get feedback and ideas and reviews from your customers about what customers want and better suggestions for your business. Saasfe also plans roadmaps and announces product updates. 

With Saasfe, you get to know about the audience’s requests and get votes on what you are planning to do for your upcoming projects or products. Saasfe gives you an excellent and unique design. Also, it is straightforward for you and your audiences to use the tool to its full potential. 


There is also a feature called reaction tools, which helps you learn more about the insights and know what your customers are feeling about the feature of the product so that you can make changes accordingly. Saasfe is the free and most affordable way to gather customer feedback.


Nolt is one of the frill alternatives. No more obsolete spreadsheets or jumbled Trello boards — Nolt is a clean space for all your user requests.

Best Frill Alternatives

Give your customers a voice, and you’ll acquire invaluable information. Prioritize comments, quickly build a roadmap, and keep everyone informed with automated updates. Create your very own Nolt Board with just $25/month.

Product Board

Product board is another frill alternatives and a product management solution that assists you in bringing the right items to market more quickly. Recognize what users require, prioritise what should be built next, and organise your team behind your plan.

 Frill Alternatives

As the product board lies in the category of advanced customer feedback, its prices start from $20/month and are customizable.


Upvoty is a customer satisfaction management software that assists organizations in collecting, storing, and analysing feedback. Post moderation, a product roadmap, and feedback boards are just a few of the features.

Top Frill Alternatives

All feedback forms can be integrated with other programmes like Zapier, Slack, and Google Analytics. With an affordable price of just $15/month, it’s best suited for startups and Saas Businesses.


Pendo is one of the best frill alternatives and a product experience platform that enables software product teams to create products that their customers enjoy. You can utilize the Pendo platform to help users through the rough places and urge them to adopt the features that create raving fans by immediately identifying the exact features and workflows that give them joy.

Best Frill Alternatives

Pendo does not provide their pricing. For software vendors and service providers, this is standard procedure.

User Voice

UserVoice assists companies in making strategic product decisions, increasing user engagement and customer retention while conserving costs. UserVoice allows product teams to collaborate more effectively with customers, customer service, success, and sales teams.

Top Frill Alternatives & Competitors

This frill alternative provides customer support starts at $15 per month, and the advanced one that keeps track of client feedback and feature requests starts at $499 a month.


With Savio, you can easily understand what exactly the consumer wants. It helps you to integrate CRM and survey tools. Its uniqueness lies in effectively validating your solutions by locating and contacting consumers who have requested the feature you’re developing.

Frill Competitors

The pricing for Savio ranges from $25-$40/month.

User Snap

Usersnap is a platform for creating digital products, from development to user feedback and customer service.

 Frill Alternatives

They offer a 360-degree suite that includes tracking, feedback taking, and a chatbot that provides customer care. Its price ranges from $9-$499/month.


Qualaroo is another frill alternative and SaaS platform that assists businesses in gathering consumer insights in order to expand their operations.

Top Frill Alternatives & Competitors

Qualaroo’s aim is to assist businesses in understanding why their consumers and prospects make certain decisions. With this unique feature of understanding why its prices range from $80-$160 a month.

User Report

UserReport is built around two straightforward widgets: a survey and a feedback widget. It allows you to have direct engagement with your users and discover what they seek and how they believe you can improve by running as an integrated component of your website or app.

Best Frill Alternatives & Competitors

For the time being, it is absolutely free of cost.


An effective collecting and indexing method is essential to reap benefits from consumer feedback systems. You can then take quick action based on the shared frill alternative. As businesses recognise the need to correctly track client feedback in order to enhance conversion rates and boost lifetime loyalty, you should think about which platform would best suit your needs right now.

There is also a feature called reaction tools, which helps you learn more about the insights and know what your customers are feeling about the feature of the product so that you can make changes accordingly. Saasfe is the free and most affordable way to gather customer feedback.