Are you in search of best Usersnap alternative? Read this blog to know best alternatives that helps you to collect customer feedback.

Usersnap is designed to perform the exact tactics mentioned above. It is software that helps build customer-centric products with exuberant features such as screen captures, surveys, and feature requests.

It is one of the faster customer feedback software that gains valuable insights into your users. Living in a culture where everyone eats their dog food, Usersnap understands the value of happy customers and that there is so much to learn and build based on their responses.

However, there are a few other best software in the market for collecting feedback

from your customers. Here we have mentioned the top 7 Usersnap alternatives to help you choose the best in one go. I hope you are ready! 

Best 7 Usersnap Alternatives To Collect Feedback


Saasfe is an incredible usersnap alternative. It helps you get feedback and ideas and reviews from your customers about what customers want and better suggestions for your business. Saasfe also plans roadmaps and announces product updates. 

With Saasfe, you get to know about the audience’s requests and get votes on what you are planning to do for your upcoming projects or products. Saasfe gives you an excellent and unique design. Also, it is straightforward for you and your audiences to use the tool to its full potential. 


There is also a feature called reaction tools, which helps you learn more about the insights and know what your customers are feeling about the feature of the product so that you can make changes accordingly. Saasfe is the free and most affordable way to gather customer feedback.

Product Board

ProductBoard’s customer feedback and product management features include gathering feedback, evaluating requests, and developing roadmaps. In addition, businesses can use integrations to streamline some functions and pass data to other team members and systems for response and product delivery.

Best Usersnap Alternatives

To centralize feedback, you can create a feedback page for specific users and domains. A maker is an individual in charge of creating, altering, and upgrading product boards, and the most basic membership is $20 per month.


Usersnap Alternatives

Nolt is another from Usersnap alternatives and it’s a neat place to keep track of all your customer requests. You’ll learn a lot about your customers if you give them a voice. Prioritize comments, quickly establish a roadmap, and provide everyone with automated updates. You may start your own Nolt Board for just $25 per month.

User Voice

Best Usersnap Alternative

Another Usersnap alternative UserVoice assists firms in establishing smart product decisions, increasing user engagement and customer retention while lowering costs. With UserVoice, product teams can collaborate more effectively with customers, customer service, achievement, and sales teams. Client service software costs $15 per month, while more advanced software tracks client comments and demands costs $499 per month. 


best Usersnap competitor

Pendo uses surveys, feedback forms, product roadmaps, and in-app assistance to collect user data and help teams manage it on a unified platform. Additional interfaces can extend capabilities to other systems and leverage vital insights to track user behavior on-site. This usersnap alternative also enables us to make guided courses and polls for your website or app. The free version of Pendo can handle up to 1,000 monthly active users. 


Best Usersnap Alternatives

Upvoty is another Usersnap alternative and is a customer experience management application that assists companies in collecting, storing, and analysing feedback. A couple of the features include a product roadmap, post-monitoring, and feedback boards. In addition, all feedback forms can be connected to third-party apps like Zapier, Slack, and Google Analytics. With a monthly fee of under $15, it’s ideal for startups and SaaS enterprises.

User Report

Usersnap Alternatives

A survey plus a feedback form make up UserReport. It lets you have direct interaction with people and learn about them, what they’re searching for, and how you can improve by working as an integral part of a website or app. For the time being, it is free.


Best Usersnap Alternatives

Savio is a tool for tracking feature requests. It gets feature requests from a range of people. You can use Savio to track them down from any position. For example, Intercom, Help Scout, and Slack may all offer feedback in a single spot. User feedback can be acquired via Zendesk, HubSpot, and other platforms. The entry-level premium bundle is $25 per month.

Over to you

Having experienced customer feedback software for the growth of SaaS companies is as important as driving customers to local wholesale shops. There are hundreds of survey tools to collect feedback from potential users. Above, we have mentioned the most popular and valuable tools you must consider before crashing on the best.

Focus on the ones who can offer visual feedback and diversity; SaaS tailored upgrades and is seamlessly user-friendly. We hope this article rescues you at your best and provides you with a flexible and simple scaling option for adding more initiatives and team members to the feedback platform.

There is also a feature called reaction tools, which helps you learn more about the insights and know what your customers are feeling about the feature of the product so that you can make changes accordingly. Saasfe is the free and most affordable way to gather customer feedback.