Product differentiation and business progress depend upon the feedback provided by the customers. This definitely means that one should stay up-to-the-date on what the customers think of their business. To scale the business with the feedback collected from the customers, companies must rely on customer feedback software that is reactive as well as responsive. 

This customer feedback tools helps your SaaS company to request customer feedback consistently, manage it, and implement it. We have drafted this blog to help these companies utilize the power of customer feedback in an efficient way.

Top 19 Customer Feedback Software For 2023

Here in this blog, we have mentioned the best 19 customer feedback software for SaaS companies. So, let’s get started.

1. Saasfe

Saasfe is one of the most powerful feedback software that aids SaaS Companies in advancing their services. This tool collects the most valuable customer feedback and ideas directly from them and uses these insights to build the business.

With the feature that allows your customers to vote for your idea, this tool accelerates the growth of your brand. And the best part is the user-friendly interface that eliminates the concept of chaotic submission and offers the simplest ways for the users to submit their feedback. 

saasfe - customer feedback software

Saasfe is the free and most affordable way to gather customer feedback directly from them. You can just kick start your business with a free plan. The pricing plans thereafter vary depending upon the size of the business and traffic on the website.

Pricing- Starting from free plans, the tool price range goes up to $29 per month.

2. Mouseflow

Mouseflow is the feedback tool that helps the SaaS companies to replay the session recordings and review heatmaps that eventually analyze the customer experiences. 

This tool can even be used to gather feedback on specific segments of your business pages, such as you can know what users feel about the new feature that has been incorporated in your web app. 

Pricing- Starting from free plans, the tool price range goes up to $299 per month.

3. Frill

A frill is a simple tool that streamlines the customer feedback loop. It lets the customers submit their valuable ideas and add them to multiple categories. This helps the product team review the ideas, prioritize them and add the most relevant ones to the roadmap. 

Apart from gathering user feedback, it even lets the users upvote other ideas. Also, it notifies/updates the user whenever their idea is being considered by the product team. 

Pricing- Currently, you can sign up for free, but the product costs $50 per month.

4. Hotjar

Similar to Mouseflow, Hotjar is the feedback tool that can be used to detect the fuss in your analytics data. How? 

Take, for instance; you experience a steep dropoff in the conversions on your website’s landing page. This drop rate has been analyzed in Google Analytics, but you cannot figure out the reason. Here comes rescue this feedback tool. With Hotjar, you can easily detect rage clicks, review the heatmaps, and replay the recordings of the user sessions to get the complete report of the current situation. 

Pricing- The pricing of the tool majorly depends upon the traffic on your website, but you can still start with a free plan. Talking about small businesses, the price ranges between $39 to $99 per month. 

5. Usersnap

As the name suggests, with this customer feedback software, you can collect all the customer feedback customer ratings, capture detailed user timelines, and enrich visitor tracking in the form of screenshot reports. 

It is one of the most efficient ways to equip all the team members with the most authentic data about the customers. Simply, it is the amalgamation of customer-driven product design and customer-driven QA design. 

Pricing- The tool pricing ranges between $29 to $149 per month. 

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6. Mixpanel

Explicitly designed for SaaS companies, Mixpanle is your product analytics suite. Not specifically a feedback tool, it is software that can provide you with a deeper understanding of your popular features and help you identify your most visited and best users. 

Mixpanel offers you a way to gather analytics of the customer’s experience on your website or the app. Excitedly, it is a form of hidden camouflaged feedback that might affect the growth of your business. 

Pricing- Depending upon the needs of your business, Mixpanle has three tiers of pricing plans. The first one is the free plan, the second is $24 per month, and lastly, the custom pricing. 

7. Fullstory

If you want to have a detailed survey of your customer’s journey, the Fullstory is one of the most efficient tools for your SaaS company. It can assist you in viewing and analyzing every small piece of your customer’s progress. 

Just like an analytics platform, this tool comprises session replays, funnel testing, advanced searches, and heatmaps. Herein you can review the heatmaps, replay the sessions, and get the reports of the funnel testing to get detailed insights into the customer’s experience. 

Pricing- Fullstory only offers custom plans.

8. Survey Anyplace

Survey Anyplace, as the name suggests, is used for customer feedback surveys. Apart from this, this tool can even be used for quizzes and assessments as it offers open text forms and multiple-choice fields. 

Pricing- SurverAnyplace pricing plans are $33 per month and $50 per month. 

9. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is one of the most popular tools for surveys. It provides you with a list of important questions that one can ask their customers to know about their experience and gather their feedback. 

Pricing- The pricing plans of the SurveyMonkey software comprise $25 per month and $75 per month. 

10. UserIQ

Categorically designed for customer success managers, UserIQ is a customer feedback tool that is used to collect feedback from specific customer accounts. It can even help your company discover the accounts that are at risk of churn or the accounts that are not able to utilize the product in the way they should. 

Simply put, this tool provides the more accurate and precise personalization of customer efforts towards the product. 

Pricing- The pricing of the tool is not yet published on the website. 

11. UseResponse

Along with the customer service portal and the help desk software, UseResponse offers SaaS companies a well-defined customer feedback portal. 

With this feedback portal, customers can provide you with new ideas and can upvote for the other ideas, polls, and questions. This would help you draft a blueprint of what feature you should build and incorporate. 

Pricing- There exist two plans for the feedback software; $49 per month and $149 per month. 

12. Survicate

Survicate is survey software that helps SaaS companies collect customer feedback. This software specifically runs surveys to the targeted customer segments and projected website users. 

Once the user has completed a certain action, a well-defined survey is pitched to them. This can help you collect customer feedback on your product or a specific product feature and also make it easy for them to request a new feature update. 

Pricing- The tool offers a free as well as a paid plan. The paid plans vary from $49 per month to $249 per month. 

13. Qualaroo

Qualaroo is customer feedback and user research software. This software includes app and website feedback collection, UX feedback, and surveys. The best part is that you can gather feedback only from the specific segments of the customers that have been targeted. 

Pricing- This tool has a free plan and a paid plan as well. 

14. Podium

Unlike what other tools offer, this platform is majorly used for communicating with the customers and includes customer feedback features as well. It lets the SaaS companies connect with the customers using video or web chat and gather feedback using automated messages.

When the users are intensively engaged with the product, it sends the message to them by asking them questions. It increases the likelihood of the users responding to the messages hence providing better feedback.

Pricing- It offers custom pricing only.

15. AskNicely

AskNicely is a customer experience platform that conversationally collects feedback and customer ratings. Like Podium, you can ask them questions via automated web chat and collect their response for the same. The series of questions follow up automatically depending upon the nature of their response.

Pricing- It only offers custom plans.

16. CustomerSure

CustomerSure is the customer feedback tool that collects feedback via customer effort score, CSAT, and NPS. It includes a customer response feature, flags urgent issues automatically, and even includes an issue prioritization feature. 

Pricing- The pricing plans for CustomerSure range from $259 per month to $1299 per month.

17. UserReport

UserReport offers feedback as well as a survey widget. A survey widget can easily be added to your website to help the companies collect customer responses. Using this widget, the companies can even ask simple questions to the customers and collect NPS score ratings.

Meanwhile, with the feedback widget, users can upvote for the features suggested by other users and can even suggest new product features.

Pricing- It only provides custom pricing plans. 

18. GetFeedback

As a customer experience software, GetFeedback is used to gather customer feedback across a wide range of communication channels such as emails, mobile apps, websites, and SMS. It integrates the feedback from all these sources and helps you import it into the other business tools. 

Pricing- The tool offers a 14-day free trial and does not publish further plans on the website.

19. Typeform

Typeform is a popular tool that is used by SaaS companies for quizzes, surveys, and forms. The easy user interface is most appreciated by the companies as it presents just a single question at one time. It is one of the best tools for collecting customer feedback with a survey link sent via email.

Pricing- The free plan offered by the tool allows you to collect just 100 responses. For further response, you need to choose the higher plans that range from $35 per month to $70 per month.

Final Words

Customer feedback software is the most important factor to know your business better and understand the needs of your customer. It is therefore important to choose the most appropriate feedback tool for your SaaS company.

You should focus on the customer feedback tool that not only provides a simple interface for the users to provide the feedback but also allows the companies to implement the feedback for a higher success rate.