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Idea Management

Collect, Manage & Draw Actionable Outcomes From Ideas Shared By The Customers and Teammates

Strengthen your idea management process and improve your product from a centralized dashboard with a straightforward UI.


Organize your ideas with Saasfe
And Make Better Decisions

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Bringing All The Customer Ideas Together In One Place

The clean and modern UI of the Saasfe idea management tool makes it effortless for you to put the ideas together. Both customers and teammates can give their valuable insights:

  • Simple design without sacrificing too much power and control.
  • Filter ideas based on requests and set priorities for them

Assign Ideas To The Appropriate Person

With easy navigation, align your teammates with the work they have expertise in. Moreover, enable seamless workflow with better transparency.

  • Provide product managers with easy access to ideas.
  • Liberate teams with data-driven ideas for making apt features.
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feedback widget

Set Priorities To Make Necessary Executions Faster

Collaborate with customers and teammates within a click to set priorities. Therefore, make necessary changes way before time.

  • Have real and meaningful conversations and get crucial tasks done on the fly.
  • Give your customers a great experience and gain a loyal audience.

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Features That Help To Move Faster

Everything you need to navigate the customer feedback loop


Integrate SAASFE to other app for data sync

Internal Comments

Easily manage internal comments on feedback


Design your widget as per your brand

White Labeling​

Easily remove SAASFE branding from your widget

Bulk Import

Easily move from other products to SAASFE

Unlimited Widgets​

Create unlimited widget as per your requirement


Make your feedback board private for internal team

Single Sign On

Get the best user experience with direct login.

Custom Domain

Add a custom domain along with SSL supplied automatically.

Collect Idea

Collect the feature idea or feedback from your users or teammates in one organized place.

Plan Roadmap

Create your product roadmap using the collected ideas to prioritize and track the next big feature idea.

Publish Changelog

Publish a changelog to announce product updates to engage your users with the next big product feature.

People love us

what our customers say about us


Clarke Gillebert

I've used all of the competitors' products before, and SAASFE has by far the finest user interface and experience. With their product, my team appears to be churning out new features more frequently and earning more customer satisfaction.

Iruka Akuchi

The way we interact with our customer issues has completely changed with SAASFE. We saved a lot of money and time by letting our clients tell us what they want for the future features instead of guessing.

Carole Chimako

Setting up SAASFE couldn't have been simpler. We started with a white canvas and let our users fill in the details. Everything gets centralized in one place for easy management.

Kevin Kay

SAASFE feature for getting customer input, creating roadmaps, and tracking product updates via the changelog is one of my favourites. It's a great way for our users to see what we're working on and participate in the process.

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