Hello next has been the most trustworthy and experienced customer feedback software since times of lore. They help build a strong relationship with customers and make your product stand out amidst the competitors. Apart from this tool, there are many other tools for collecting genuine feedback which can offer you a way into your customer’s mind. In this article, we have curated a list of the top 7 Hellonext alternatives & competitors. So let’s dive right into it! 

Top 7 Hellonext alternatives


Productboard is another Hellonext alternative i.e. helpful if you want to enhance your product development process more user-centric. You may be wondering how it accomplishes this. It will collect client comments in a single section and highlight patterns for you. Its ability to gather input via email and other technologies, as well as a feature prioritization structure and various roadmap designs, is one of its compelling features.

 Hellonext alternative

Overall, it enables users to access some basic user feedback functions.


Pendo is a product experience platform and best Hellonext alternative that assists software product teams in creating solutions that people like. Product teams may use Pendo to answer questions such as, “Which services are consumers using?” Which characteristics are they neglecting? Which are bringing joy and creating anguish and confusion? Using this same data, you can create in-app messaging, tutorials, and walk-throughs to help consumers get the most out of your goods.

Best Hellonext alternative

You can utilize Pendo, a feedback management software that assists users through the rough places and encourages them to embrace the features that generate raving fans by rapidly discovering the precise features and processes that bring users joy and misery.


Usersnap is a feedback tool and one of the best Hellonext alternatives that assists software businesses (SaaS) in developing quality products and services by gathering meaningful user input and sharing it with partners.

Hellonext Alternatives &Competitors

Whether you operate in a software (SaaS) firm, a software development/agency, or an e-commerce organization, the Usersnap feedback solution will offer you the proper feedback collectors for:

  • Feedback from customers
  • Aesthetic feedback for quality assurance/testing (screen recordings and screenshots)
  • Usability Evaluation Processing Testing, often known as beta testing
  • Collecting feature requests
  • User queries are being sent to your customer support team.


Best Hellonext alternatives

Monitor feature requests to encourage revenue expansion and retention. Consolidate feature proposals in a single location to avoid disrupting workflow. Keep track of feature requests via Intercom, Help Scout, Slack, and other services. To delight customers, decrease attrition, and promote upsells, the Founders, Consumer Experience, and Product management monitor the voice of customer demands.


ProdPad is a full product management software solution that supports the whole product life cycle. A sophisticated, flexible toolset interacts with product development procedures at every step and encourages cooperation throughout the organization.

 Hellonext competitor

This SaaS, which has been under continuous development since 2010, was created by a team of professionals to make best practices product management actionable for other PMs. As a result, product managers can use ProdPad to convert great ideas into amazing products that users value.

Aha! Ideas

hellonext competitor

Aha! Roadmaps is a full-service product development package that defines strategy, documents ideas, scores features, and shares visual designs. It contains Aha! Ideas Essentials for gathering input from the crowd. Consider Aha! Ideas to consolidate feedback, prioritize proposals, and perform live empathy sessions if you need a full idea management system. www.aha.io has additional information and a complimentary 30-day trial of Aha! Roadmaps or Aha! Ideas.


Best Hellonext alternatives

Qualaroo is an automated study platform that enables digital product teams to acquire meaningful user insights at scale in the fastest and most frictionless way imaginable. Qualaroo eliminates teams from the responsibilities of doing user research. Instead, you can utilize Qualaroo’s distinctive nudge in your mobile or online app and leverage capabilities like sophisticated targeting, dynamic information reporting, sentiment classification, and more.

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The most surefire method to stay ahead of the competition is to use the proper customer feedback software instrument and implement a data-driven strategy for product development. We hope you found the best Hellonext alternative. 

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