One of the most effective ways to collect and organize customer feedback is by working using a feature voting tool. Feature-based voting software makes it extremely efficient to work with your customers to improve your product.

Why feature-based voting, in the first?

Several convincing arguments support why feature voting is among the most effective methods to collect feedback from users.

  • The best way to get your users’ feedback is to ask them because they are the ones who are making use of your product.
  • The users will become more inclined to provide their feedback
  • To reduce churn, you must work with actual feedback from users. Your product will be more effective
  • End the feedback loop, Work on feedback, and immediately share any progress

The Best Feature Voting Tools

There are 15 great feature voting tools. They all differ in price and features; therefore, we tried our best to summarize each.


Of course, we need to identify ourselves in this article. We have created SAASFE for the reason you’re reading this article now. We wanted a method to manage and collect user feedback on our SaaS; however, we couldn’t locate a good customer feedback system that is cost-effective and user-friendly. We decided to create one for ourselves.


This is a featured voting board that comes from Saasfe.

The biggest benefit of Saasfe – Best feature voting tool:

  • Pricing starts at $29 per month.
  • Customizations All fully customizable (statuses, the look, and feel, etc.)
  • Simple to apply using an HTML widget or on an individual domain
  • User SSO: You must identify the user accounts that you have already created
  • Roadmap Share your product roadmap and work in progress.
  • Changelog When you ship, make it clear on your changelog
  • Moderation is a feature that allows you to activate moderation to keep everything under your control (something most comparable tools within the area of user feedback do not have)
  • Voting anonymous: You could disable anonymous voting to prevent your users from voting by name.
  • Tags to structure your feedback
  • Whitelabel Integrate Saasfe seamlessly within your software


Saasfe comes at a very reasonable price. You can begin with the lowest plan, which is $29. As you add monitored users (users who participate in the boards for feedback), it is possible to move up to the plan of $79. If you require more features and users tracked, Saasfe has an unlimited plan for just $79 per month. It includes everything you need to be unlimited. In addition, it comes with a white labelCustom Domain.

2. Productific

If you’re looking for a cost-free feature voting tool, to begin with, Productific could be the perfect tool for you. It’s not the most stunning and sophisticated; however, it’s a favourite with indie entrepreneurs and bootstrappers who are gathering customer feedback regarding their SaaS. It can do what it’s supposed to do: gather suggestions and create a plan of action.

feature voting software

Productific is simple and easy to install.

The biggest benefit of Productive:

  • Pricing The pricing starts with a no-cost plan
  • Roadmap to share the latest the process
  • Changelog allows you to easily share updates and launch information
  • Google Analytics: connect to study the use of Google Analytics.
  • Tags Although they’re not available for the largest plan
  • Knowledgebase It includes information on your boards


The product is also reasonably priced. It’s also free for the first time, but you’ll miss many major features when you really want to get feedback.

3. Productboard

It’s among the top and most sophisticated tools available. It’s also the reason you’re not using it. It’s so sophisticated that it is a good option for gathering and managing feedback simply and easily. You could be overwhelmed by Productboard.

feature voting board

The Productboard has many benefits:

  • The Insights database can be used to collect ideas and requests, as well as research and stream feedback
  • The user’s perspective Advanced user insights into who is interested in what
  • Hierarchy of products Keep everything organized
  • a score of prioritization is scored based on how important the feedback is
  • task management Track the progress of tasks and set goals


Here’s the point where this gets difficult. Productboard is so modern that you’ll pay $49 per month for each user (user). With three people on your team, that’s $150 per month. If you’re absolutely in need of every extra feature, then this is perfectly fine. Productboard is an excellent tool. However, if you’re looking for an outstanding feature-based tool, perhaps this is just a bit for you.

4. Tricider

Through Tricider, the ability to post on public forums, you can make a board based on your query or subject. It’s a great option when you only want to get feedback at this particular time. It’s not the best option if you’re seeking ways to control your backlog, connect with your users, and keep them engaged.

It’s unable to provide user SSO and ways to effectively embed it on your website or inside your product and is missing a variety of features, like tags, to help you effectively respond to your feedback. However, this could be the perfect tool if you don’t require it!

Tricider is a great tool for brainstorming ideas.

Big advantages of Tricider

  • Free It’s free (although it’s lacking many features!)
  • It’s easy to install. It’s as easy as going to their site and typing in a query, and then starts
  • Multiple channels With multiple channels, you can build several topics and get feedback


It’s free! However, it’s impossible to truly implement it in your product, so your users must be a bit more arduous to participate and give feedback.

5. The Idea Wall

The price is very high and has some outdated design and feel. It’s outdated and expensive; Idea Wall another feature voting tool is slightly lower on the list. It does, however, have downvoting and some additional cool features we don’t find as frequently in the form of tools. It’s worth noting.

The Idea Wall has a bit of an outdated design, but it has some cool, unique features.

The biggest benefit of the Idea Wall:

  • Votes that are limited Set a limit on the number of votes a user is allowed to give
  • Downvote When you’re using a feature vote tool to vote for similar games, it could be an extremely useful feature.
  • Rates: users can rate from one to five stars rating
  • Voting is, of course, an option vote that works fairly straightforwardly.
  • Games for video It is well-liked by video game creators.


It was quite expensive. Plans begin at $35 per month; however, to make the most from it, you’re likely to require a monthly plan of $80. By the way, the costs vary per moderator. If you have three moderators you’re already paying $240 per month.

6. Convas

A little limited, maybe simply because they’re just starting, but very promising: Convas another feature voting tool starts with a price of $49, which, to be honest, isn’t enough for the features you can get with it. Yes, it does have the feedback board and a roadmap, but to use it, you’ll require more features, and you won’t get these at Convas (yet).

feature voting software

The Convas boards and roadmap are beautifully designed.

The biggest benefit from Convas

  • Design A great design that can be found in almost any product
  • Features that are combined The boards and the roadmap are combined into one
  • It’s easy to install. It’s simple to set up with your personal domain (it’s without a widget, however!)


It’s quite costly when looking at the features available: there’s one plan for $49 per month. It’s unlimited and could be beneficial in the long term.

7. UserVoice

One of the most effective tools that you can contrast to Productboard. Not just for its awesomeness, however, but from a price standpoint too. Yes, it was expensive. But it’s well worth it if you require all the extra features. This is on this list due to the fact it’s expensive when you only need an excellent tool to gather and manage user feedback using the feedback board and features.


One of the biggest benefits of UserVoice

  • Advanced All you need to gather and manage feedback from customers
  • reporting: great reporting, especially if you’re part of an organization with a larger team
  • user roles ideal roles to fill for all team members

8. Trello

If you’re considering using Trello to gather feedback from users because it’s free, Beware. It’s not a great tool for gathering information and handling feedback. There’s a valid reason for it: it’s a task management tool but not a feedback tool.

Why is it included on this list? You could utilize it to collect feedback, particularly in the event that you wish to collect the data internally. However, it comes with some important limitations and requires an extended time to arrange. However, for certain types of feedback instances, it is effective.

The biggest benefit for Trello

  • Boards, It is easy to make multiple boards for adding new feedback
  • Free is obviously a huge benefit
  • Simple to setup Although it’s not without many limitations, it’s extremely easy to set up and share


It’s free on the Trello plan.

9. Noora

Noora isn’t on the list of top choices simply because we’re the makers of the software.

Like other expensive tools like UserVoice and ProductBoard, We offer user segmentation as well as the collection of feedback from users other than a simple request for features. Yet, Noora does not compromise in design and keeps the simple style of tools such as Saasfe.



  • The most affordable choice for those who require more advanced features like user segmentation.
  • A good balance of ease-of-use and high-end capabilities.
  • User segmentation: Create groups of users based on specific properties like their location, plan, or revenue.
  • SEO support: your portal and changelog are SEO-friendly. Support. Additionally, a sitemap will be generated when you connect your domain.
  • Dark and light themes.


Prices start as low as $29/month. This makes Noora one of the most cost-effective choices for this type of tool regarding the number of features you can unlock for that price.

10. Canny

Canny was among the early entrants into the category of feature voting tools. They’ve created a simple, however highly polished feedback system that many software tools have been in the spirit of.

The price is significantly more expensive than rivals, and Canny hasn’t been able to implement the most well-liked feedback received from their users. It’s currently not possible to modify your public roadmap if you opt to utilize Canny.

canny - voting tool

Canny benefits

  • The highly polished Canny can be used straight out of the box. It is an established product that was built with care.
  • User segments – similar to Noora, You can make user segments that allow you to see what segments of your users are recommending features. This means that you don’t have to depend on vote count on its own.

Price manipulation

Plans start at $50 per month, but this is not an annual fee. You’ll be charged by the number of users who are actively participating on your feature boards.

11. benefits

  • It sticks to its core values and is still a lightweight and simple-to-install feature voting tool.
  • A dark and sombre theme.
nolt pricing

Plans start at $24/month for a board. This is about three times the price of Noora, which, in spite of only providing the option of voting on feature boards.

12. Hellonext

Hellonext is a Software tool for feature requests developed to help SaaS teams manage their customers’ feedback into a roadmap for their product. The feature voting tool is quite sophisticated. It has many features that other boards can’t, including downvotes, pinned posts, moderated posts, as well as the ability to assign team members to a particular post.

feature voting software

However, it’s not able to provide some essential attributes. For instance, you cannot conceal vote numbers or change the order in which features are displayed. While you are able to create a private board, you cannot make it public with some feature requests being made private.

Price: Hellonext starts at $15 per month for one person to use with a single feedback board. If you’re part of any type of team, you’ll require at least one of the “Take flight” plans for $29/month.

13. Suggested

Suggested allows you to organize, manage and prioritize feedback to build products that your customers need. As with the other tools, its primary function is a feedback-based voting board connected to a publicly accessible roadmap.

It lets you choose to make your voting panel public keep it private, or allow it to be visible to certain individuals. Similar to other software, it isn’t able to block upvotes, randomly change the sequence of features, or keep certain features secret.

Price: Suggested has only one plan. It’s $49/month for the use of the program.

14. Sleekplan

Sleekplan is not just an instrument for feedback: it also comes with a feature for calculating roadmaps and changelog software and a poll feature to find out about the satisfaction of your customers. While it comes with tools to help with all steps within the feedback loop, the features for each stage are pretty basic.

For instance, the voting board won’t permit you to conceal vote counts, make features private, or even make the board public. It is also not possible to randomly assign items in the list or get input from any other source.

Price: You can get a voting board with the free plan if working on your own. If you’re part of a team of three or need additional features, it will cost you at least $15 per month.