Customer feedback can not only help you to improve your products or services but it can also be used to optimize customer-related processes in your company. Because if you let the customers have their say, you no longer have to read their wishes from their lips.

We present 10 different ways to collect customer feedback reliably and unobtrusively.

10 Ways To Collect Customer Feedback

The feedback from your customers is worth its weight in gold because it says a lot about your image, customer friendliness, products and much more. But how do you get this valuable information?

1) Rely on personal surveys

In a personal survey, you get feedback from your customers in a direct conversation. It is best to prepare a guide in which you write down the most important questions.

In order to get as many useful answers as possible, you should primarily focus on an open question.

Although a face-to-face survey involves a little more effort, it offers numerous advantages: You can immediately eliminate any ambiguities or offer assistance. With this method, you also have the opportunity to observe the spontaneous reactions and facial expressions of the customers.

2) Written survey by questionnaire

If your customers belong to a conservative target group or if you yourself are a supporter of traditional methods, you can, of course, also rely on the classic written questionnaire.

With this type of survey, you put, e.g. For example, set a set of predefined answer options that your customers can use by ticking the most appropriate option.

Since digital surveys can be implemented more easily and quickly, the classic questionnaire is becoming less and less important.

3) Collect feedback using A Feedback Tool

Some companies make giving feedback a hectic job. So, people avoid giving feedback because they are hard and annoying. 

Live chat can be great for feedback, but that is also more to understand. This holds many people back as they think they have to wait for long periods to get a response. 

Using specialized tools like Saasfe helps you gather feedback and tell people that you care about them. It also shows that you are invested in gathering quality feedback, and feedback tools also help you easily gather tools with low effort. 

With Saasfe, users can

  • They express desire for the changes that they want to see. 
  • With a click, vote on things that others have posted. 

4) Use telephone customer survey

Are you looking for a method that involves contacting customers directly? In this case, a customer survey by telephone is suitable. Possible customer criticisms can be discussed and clarified directly in this way. Customers also get a personal impression of your company.

However, this practice also contains pitfalls: On the one hand, you need trained employees who can conduct customer discussions professionally. On the other hand, you should definitely pay attention to legal restrictions and obtain your customers’ consent before you contact them.

5) Customer feedback from social networks

Social media offers you another opportunity to gather the opinions, needs and criticisms of your customers. The advantage of this method is that a two-way dialogue can be started.

For example, your customers have the opportunity to express criticism or praise of their own accord. You can use the comment function to respond to customer opinions, say thank you for the nice feedback, solve possible problems your customers may have, or respond to angry voices in a de-escalating manner.

You can also expect a large number of users to follow the exchange, so this is a good opportunity to showcase your company’s customer focus.

6) Customer feedback from online surveys

Would you like to implement your customer surveys in the most efficient way possible? Then online surveys could be a suitable solution.

Most of the providers provide you with ready-made templates and a corresponding editor. With just a few clicks, you can create a survey here, which you can then send to your customers via a link. 

In addition, you will usually receive reports in which the results of the surveys are already summarized. Another advantage of online survey software: the surveys can be published via a link and posted via an interface on social media or your own website.

7) Build a community

If it makes sense for your company, then you can benefit from building an (online) community. This gives you direct access to the opinions, questions and criticisms of your customers.

You can also spark new discussions or ask specific questions. At this point, however, you should keep in mind that building a community is a lengthy process – if you want to get feedback quickly, you are better off using other methods.

8) Questioning via intelligent chat questionnaire

Are you looking for the most innovative way to collect customer feedback? Then you should take a look at smart chat questionnaires like QuestionPro ‘s.

Such live chat dialogues are based on artificial intelligence and offer a modern and personalized alternative to classic chat surveys. If you use this option, your survey can be easily scaled and measured.

9) Feedback via contact forms or comment fields

If you want to get feedback about the website, you can use a contact form or comment field. Ideally, you create a separate sub-page where you ask your visitors for feedback or suggestions.

The execution can already consist of a simple question and a simple comment field. You can also set up an extensive feedback area by integrating standardized answer options or a rating system.

10) Feedback via a mobile app

A survey via smartphone and tablet is ideal for app providers. The surveys can be built directly into the app menu or displayed as a teaser during use.

The advantage for your customers is that they can take part in the survey without being forwarded

You should pay attention to these points when creating questionnaires.

Whether you want to receive feedback on customer satisfaction, the purchase or product experience – you should always follow a few rules. When creating a written questionnaire, guide, or digital survey, try to be sure to keep the following points in mind:

Keep it short: Make sure the survey can be answered in a few minutes. For you, this means that you structure the questionnaire clearly and formulate easily understandable questions.

Personalize: Try to address your customers directly. If you do not know a customer’s name, personally designed formulations are suitable for the questionnaire.

Do not forget to name your own company and, if necessary, to indicate a contact person.

Appropriate questions: In order to receive useful feedback from your customers, you should avoid general, ambivalent or vague formulations. If you would like to receive suggestions for improvement from your customers, open-ended questions are suitable, for example.

Internal company processes: Think about how customer feedback can be incorporated into your internal processes. This includes who is responsible for the implementation and evaluation of the surveys in the long term and how the data obtained can be used.