Without customers, any brand would cease to exist. Therefore, customer satisfaction is emphasized in all kinds of business. To satisfy your customer, you need to understand them, and what their wants and needs are. Customer feedback is one way to know what your customer wants from your brand or product.

Customer Feedback is highly crucial, especially for SaaS companies. By listening to customer feedback, product managers can understand the expectations of their target customers, and they also get to know the customer’s opinions and view about their products. 

Listening and understanding customer feedback will help you improve your productivity and enhance the user experience. So pay great attention to customer feedback, and you can grow your SaaS products to new heights. 

But, how do you know which feedback is essential for you? More importantly, how to collect all the feedback and organize it into something useful? Here’s a guide on Customer Feedback Management for SaaS.

Why Is Customer Feedback Important For SaaS? 

Let’s start with why is Customer Feedback management important for your Saas products. User-centric customer feedbacks are important to make your product perfect, 

No product is built perfect; it is made perfect by listening to the user’s feedback and making necessary changes. Customer feedback is qualitative data that can be turned into quantifiable data and leveraged to build a roadmap for the future of the SaaS product. 

What Makes Customer Feedback Challenging? 

One of the main reasons customer feedback management is challenging is the many funnels through which that feedback is arriving. As a result, it is hard to filter input from all the channels and segregate the insightful ones. 

Emails, social media comments and messages, customer surveys and polls are few among the many funnels where you get feedback. 

Even if you can collect the feedback, how do you analyze them? It is humanly impossible to analyze every customer feedback you get on myriads of platforms. 

Several customer feedback management tools are available in the market; Saasfe is one of them. These tools collect and segregate customer feedback. Then, a thorough analysis is done to turn the data into insightful content.

How Can Customer Feedback Management Be Simplified?

Simplifying the customer feedback management will help you leverage it to get the best outcomes. Here are some things to keep in mind when thinking of possible options to streamline the process. 

1. Keep A Single Platform 

Too many channels are hard to manage; often, important feedback gets ignored in the pile of unnecessary messages or reviews. Having a tool that streamlines all the channels and makes sure only the necessary feedback reaches you becomes essential, and this will help save your time and manual work. 

Saasfe offers you the ease of organizing all the feedback in one place. You get an easy-to-use UI-based board which makes accessing feedback, tasks and improvement more accessible. With Saasfe, you can have one-to-one conversations with your customers. 

2. Segregating The Right feedback 

As a brand, you will get a lot of interaction in likes, comments, emails and posts. To find customer feedback in the pile of these interactions is a daunting task. Besides, it is also necessary to segregate all the feedback you get. Segregation is done based on which feedback is important and should be focused on and surface-level feedback that doesn’t need much attention. 

When it comes to feedback, they are of two types. One is unsolicited, which customers give from their end. These are mostly done on social media or emails. With the help of a customer feedback tool, you can monitor this feedback on a single platform and segregate and collect the necessary ones. 

The other type of feedback is Solicited. This is the feedback that you get by directly asking the customer. Surveys or polls are the most common way to get solicited feedback. 

With Saasfe, you can solicit feedback in various forms. 

3. Do Your Analysis 

Once the feedback has been collected, the next step is to analyze it. Analyzing feedback helps you understand your customers’ pain points and what improvements you can make to address them. With the help of customer feedback management tools, a lot of time and labour is saved, which can then be put into analyzing feedback.

Focus on which feedback is necessary and what information can be taken and improved. Saasfe allows you to automatically update your customers and teammates regarding the progress being made on their feedback.

4. Create Actionable Outcomes From Customer Feedback 

Once the customer feedback has been analyzed, it is time to build actionable outcomes out of that feedback. Again, customer feedback management tools help in easing this process. With Saasfe, you can make informed decisions on product updates based on customer feedback.

You can also easily make its execution transparent so customers can share real-time input. And also, get ideas to scale your business to new heights. 

5. Make Your Customers Feel Involved

Let your customers know that they are important to you—their reviews or thoughts on your product matter. Make them feel involved; make them a part of your journey. For example, sharing with customers your plan for the future or the roadmap for your product will help you gain effective feedback. This will also make your customers feel involved and build an emotional connection with the products. 

Saasfe creates a public Roadmap to give users more transparency and insights. Parallelly you can get their feedback and know what and where iterations are needed. The roadmap can easily be embedded in your website. 

6. Ask Them What They Like 

Your customers’ feedback can be turned into great ideas. After you, they are the ones who know about your product because they use it. Listening to your customers’ ideas and directly asking them what they think of the new ideas will help you build a more potent product and customer relationship. 

Once you know what your customers like and don’t like, you will know what to work on. Unfortunately, product managers often do not consider customer feedback when working on new ideas, resulting in poor customer reviews. 

Before executing the idea, ask your customers what they think. 

Saasfe brings your ideas on a single platform. Your customers can share their opinions and vote on the ideas they like. By this process, customers solicited feedback is turned into customer interaction.

Execution and management of these ideas also get hassle-free. With just one click, you can prioritize the implementation of an idea. Have real-time and meaningful conversations with your customers on the ideas and build a connection. 

7. Best Products Are Built On Better Customer Feedback Management 

A product is made perfect with the help of the customer’s input. The better you manage their input, the better it is reflected in your product. Your customers have great ideas and constructive criticism about your products, and it is essential to listen to them and reflect on those changes in your product. 

With Saasfe, you can create a system where you and the customer can together build the product. You can easily listen to their ideas and feedback, and they feel heard, which helps create a solid product-customer relationship. 


To make your product the best, you need to listen to your customers. However, listening is the first step. After that, how to turn those feedback into actionable outcomes becomes more important. Customer Feedback management tools help product managers organize the myriads of feedback they get.

These tools also help properly analyze the feedback, which is useful and can be ignored. Once the analysis is done, an actionable outcome is created. Product managers can connect with the customers and understand their needs through this process. This, in turn, is reflected in the product’s overall performance. 

We hope this guide on Customer Feedback Management for Saas is helpful to you.