Are you stuck in huge turnabouts while planning a strategy for your business? If so, you are in the right place. Here in this blog, we have discussed the free roadmap tools for your SaaS companies that would streamline your planning and strategising process. 

But before turning over these tools let’s delve into the deep layers of road mapping and know why SaaS companies need roadmapping tools and how to choose the right one for your company. 

Roadmap Tool For SaaS – A General Overview  

Product roadmap software, in simple words, is a digital tool that is designed to streamline the product strategy. It assists the product managers in planning, designing, prioritizing, and mapping the strategy in a way that aligns with the goals of the business. 

It outlines the vision, direction, and progress of the product over the period and provides an overview of the product development process in a structured way. 

Why Are Product Roadmap Tools Important For SaaS Companies?

As discussed above, the best roadmap planning tool helps product managers visualize the progress of the product while it passes through the different stages of development.

Perhaps, it is a way to ensure that the product team does not deviate from its goals throughout the development process and to let the stakeholders visualize what they can expect in the near future.   

Below are the reasons why SaaS companies need a product roadmap tool.

1. Builds Up A Customer Feedback Loop

Listening to your customers while designing a product is very crucial for its success. If you do not consider the feedback of your customers, your product will probably not resonate with their needs which will lead to a huge downfall for your company. 

To avoid such situations, it is important to take your customers along throughout the development journey. With a simple roadmap tool, you can easily tune in with your customers and tailor your product as per their feedback. 

2. Good For Stakeholder Alignment

A good public roadmap software helps you to collaborate with the stakeholders by letting them know what they can expect in the future. By sharing your plans and roadmap, you display the accountability of your product to the investors and other interested parties.

It even allows the stakeholders to check the updates related to the product development and contribute their ideas to enhance the value of the product in the marketing ecosystem.  

3. Strengthens Your Communication With Customers

Communicating with the customers can help you understand them in a better way. With public roadmap tools, you can keep your prospective customers updated with the new versions and innovations made in the product. 

Regularly communicating with the customers leads to higher customer retention. By keeping them engaged with the product lifecycle they will have a better idea of what is about to come.                       

4. Builds Trust With Performance Transparency

Customers will always love you for being transparent with your product ideas and development plans. It is a great way to build engagement and earn the trust of the customers. 

Also, a public roadmap planning tool can help you showcase your progress to the target market leading to more customers talking about your brand and eventually elevating brand awareness.

Roadmap software serves a different purpose to different SaaS companies wherein some of the tools are required to show detailed information about the entire planning of the product known as timeline roadmaps while some split the project into different plans and categories known as time horizon roadmaps. 

It is therefore important to choose the perfect tool that fits the needs of your business plan. Here is the rundown of some of the features that a roadmap planning tool should possess. 

  • It should be a public roadmap tool as private roadmaps are only accessible by the authorized parties and the developer teams. 
  • It should consist of a feedback portal for the customers to let them share their views and ideas about the product.
  • It should be able to share announcements about the latest updates of the product. 
  • It should have SSO (Single Sign-On) available for the users to avoid the situations of separate login. 

Now that we know why SaaS companies need a roadmap tool and what all features must it possess, let us be cognizant of the top best product roadmap tools for your SaaS company.

Best Free Roadmap Tools For SaaS Companies


SAASFE is the best and free roadmap tool to collect the customers’ feedback and feature ideas and create a product roadmap. With SAASFE, you can accelerate your brand growth by letting the customers vote for your business idea. 

saasfe - free roadmap tool

It even lets you highlight the key updates and share the announcement in an easy way. This simple feedback-sharing product roadmap tool is free from chaotic and complex submissions that let your users submit their feedback in the simplest ways. 

The user-friendly interface of the tool has great UX as compared to the other feedback platforms.

2. Frill

The frill is a simple road-mapping tool for educating their users about the new product features and engaging them in a better way. 

It simplifies the customer feedback procedure wherein they will receive a notification whenever their suggestion is taken into consideration. It even allows the customers to upvote the ideas suggested by other customers to help you prioritize the idea and move forward.

3. Airfocus

Airfocus is a road mapping tool that simplifies the process of strategy building and executing. It uses a drag-drop interface so that you can easily construct your roadmap as per your requirements. 

With this tool, you can engage in real-time discussions with your customers related to updates and new project ideas. As of now, this tool does not have a feedback portal but it mainly deals with the creating and sharing of the roadmaps to help you create custom scoring of the ideas and features.

4. Upvoty

This road-mapping tool is used to gather user feedback from multiple sources and manage it accordingly. Here users can upvote for the ideas shared by other users on the public roadmaps to help you work upon the most prioritized idea.


It even has a feature that enables the users to receive the updates notification automatically, making it easy to align with the stakeholders in a streamlined way.

5. ProductBoard

ProductBoard is an amazing road-mapping tool that offers a complete overview of the development and management cycle of the product. It acts as a connecting link between the ideas suggested by the team and the requirements of the customers. 

track Feature Requests

Starting from sharing the product plans to gathering the customer feedback and working on it, this free roadmap tool is a perfect choice for all SaaS companies to improve the versatility of their product. 

6. ProductPlan

As an advanced road-mapping tool, ProductPlan ensures the coordination between the team regarding the objectives and development strategies. Using a drag-drop interface enables you to build the roadmap in a simple way. 

This tool does not provide the option of a public roadmap. Instead, it lets you create a number of roadmaps that can be shared with the specific stakeholders using a secured link. 

7. Trello

Trello is a popular road-mapping tool for managing and organizing projects and team members. The collaborative functionality of the tool lets you share your roadmap with the other team members and stakeholders simply and easily.

feature tracking tool

Like Airfocus, this tool is not yet integrated with the feature of feedback collection but the good part is that it has a website version along with the android and ios applications. 

Wrapping It Up

When choosing a free roadmap tool for your SaaS company, do not settle on the one with the most amazing pricing plans, rather investigate the features the tool possesses and how it can help your brand to grow in the market.

Also, the tool needs to have a user-friendly interface to let your customers smoothly communicate with you. This in turn will ensure better customer acquisition which will empower your brand and its product in the long run. 

What is a public product roadmap?

A public roadmap is typically a public webpage where an organisation shares what they are working on and what they have recently released, accessible to anyone. Most SaaS companies’ roadmaps tend to be timeline-driven or indicate broad time horizons for key features.

What is the main purpose of a public roadmap?

Roadmaps are critically important documents that set out a product team’s overall strategic plan. That means building a view of what is going to be delivered, why it’s valuable, and roughly when it’ll be available.

Why should I have a public roadmap?

By allowing your users to vote and comment on your product roadmap, you are giving yourself another channel of communication with them. This can only help to focus your product development efforts and give you confidence that you are working on the right user stories.