Product management can be difficult. If you love your product manager, it can be a daunting job. However, if you are truly in love with your product manager, you will always be ready to face any challenge the world may throw you. At the end of each day, you become the hero that you have always wanted.

A product manager is no hero. A product manager needs help in all areas, including design, finance, management, engineering, and marketing. The best product managers today have a solid toolkit that works for them. These tools help product managers to get things done, keep track and understand what needs to be done.

Today we will be listing the top 10 tools product managers can use to accomplish their work. We have divided the categories of tools into:

  1. Past — Tools that help you get analytics data about a feature’s performance.
  2. Present – tools that help you to focus on the important things today.
  3. Future — Tools that help you see what features you can build next to make the most impact on your business.

Let’s list these tools for you. These tools are reasonably priced. This is how we hope to help you create a toolkit that you can use at maximum efficiency while keeping costs down.

Tools that help you understand the product

Mixpanel analytics

Mixpanel allows you to use product analytics tools to understand user behavior, the most popular features, and any other data you may need to create the best product possible.


Fullstory is an analytics tool that offers advanced features such as user screen monitoring. With the consent of the user, you can record the user who uses your platform.

Fullstory Use-Cases for Product Managers:

  1. Visually see how the user perceives things
  2. Gain a deeper understanding of the struggles of users
  3. Find out exactly where you can optimize your platform

Fullstory Pricing

Fullstory offers a free plan that could be suitable for startups.

Tools that help you get things done today


Figma allows you to quickly create detailed prototypes of your products. Figma is trusted by nearly every UI designer today. Figma can help you create wireframes and prototypes that will help you communicate your ideas to your team.

Figma product management use-cases:

  1. Wireframes to design a feature
  2. Make brand guides
  3. In real-time collaboration with engineers
  4. Comment on a design with your thoughts
  5. Figma can be used to perform UI and workflow reviews.

Figma Pricing:

Figma offers a free plan you can use to personalize your Figma account.


Slack has become the most used instant messaging tool among teams. Trusted worldwide by thousands of companies

Use-cases for Product Managers:

  1. Chat with your team to collaborate internally
  2. Integrate with product management tools such as JIRA etc
  3. Get together for a one-on-one meeting.
  4. File uploads allow you to instantly share files
  5. Slack threads are a great way to collaborate with your team

Slack Pricing:

Slack comes with a free plan that limits the number of messages that you can view simultaneously.

Emails that are superhuman

Superhuman has the fastest email client currently available. It is useful if you get a lot of emails every day and have trouble managing them all.

Use-cases that are superhuman for product managers:

  1. Every day, clean out your inbox
  2. Faster response to emails
  3. Use dedicated inboxes to prioritize important emails
  4. Split email types into categories using splits

Superhuman email pricing

The monthly cost of Superhuman is a staggering $30

Notes / OneNote

You can use any tool you like. Any note-taking tool will do. Notes. the app works well on macOS. OneNote is a good choice if you’re running Microsoft Windows.


Linear has been a popular product management tool. It is known for its clean design and quick performance. Linear, an opinionated software that allows you to follow their Linear Method in order to get things done, is Linear.

Linear use cases for product management:

  1. You can assign tasks to your team members.
  2. For your product, create milestones and an internal plan.
  3. Follow and configure Cycles (more like JIRA Sprints)

Linear Pricing:

Linear offers a free plan that may be suitable for your needs. Linear Pro is available for $8 per user/month.

Tools that help you know what to build next


Saasfe allows you to collect user feedback and feature requests. Saasfe allows you to make informed decisions about what product features to build next.

Saasfe Use-Cases for Product Managers:

  1. Get product feedback from customers
  2. With customer feedback, create a product roadmap.
  3. Changelog to share new product updates
  4. Saasfe automates customer feedback collection and updates
  5. User feedback can save you hours of work

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Intercom lets you instantly chat with your users via your landing page or app. Intercom lets you resolve any issues your users have with your product and suggest improvements.

Intercom Use-Cases for Product Managers:

  1. Chat live with your users
  2. Instantly understand their problems with your platform
  3. Help resolve queries via live chat

Intercom Pricing:

Intercom is $99 for startups. It has variable pricing that can scale up to thousands of dollars each month. Crisp is a good alternative to Intercom in 2023.


Miro can be used to collaborate with your team on features. Miro was popularized during 2020 lockdowns, where teams were required to work together on one open canvas to plan their product features.

Miro use-cases for product management:

  1. Sketches of product workflows
  2. Get instant feedback from your team
  3. With your team, hold brainstorming sessions
  4. Make a repository of information on the product feature development process

Miro Pricing:

Miro comes with a personal plan for free. Pro plans start at $8/user/month

We believe these tools could help you exponentially to get things done. A hero is as good as his familiarity with their tools. Empower yourself with tools like these, and it could be life-changing.

What tools are you using at work today? What tools do you recommend to others? We’d love to hear from you on Twitter @saasfeofficial.

What tools are available to product managers?

Software applications designed to help product managers do more with their time are called “product managers’ tools.” Product manager tools can range from simple spreadsheets to more complex collaborative applications.

What tools are the most effective for product managers in 2023?

Here is a list of product management tools you can use in 2023.
Emails that are superhuman
Notes. app