Recurring customers are a crucial indicator of an organization’s customer loyalty. Turning customers who buy from you once into repeat customers is crucial since loyal customers spend six times as much as occasional customers. 

So, if industries improve customer retention rates by 5%, profits can rise 25 to 100%. Repeat customers generate more revenue than single-time buyers and are the most valuable customers.

However, developing long-term relationships with customers and gaining their loyalty cannot be done quickly or easily. Your goal should be to learn everything about them and their needs and match that with your passion and commitment.

Since customer relationships are so meaningful, we have created this blog to discuss how online customer feedback can improve customer loyalty.

Customer loyalty and its feedback

Generally, when we talk about customer satisfaction, it occurs when the customer receives the desired product. When the customer asks about his better and worse actions, he will be more expressive about his terms and will begin to grow with your company.

Now the question is how one can take customer feedback? 

Generally, many ways are there that help in collecting feedback from the customers. But sometimes, it becomes difficult to take feedback from customers. Many factors will affect the feedback system. For example, why are you collecting feedback? How are you managing it during the survey? And many more.

Methods for collecting customer feedback

The best ways to engage customers in giving feedback to a company are to use the appropriate survey techniques. Many ways exist for gathering customer feedback, but not all of them are optimal.

Considering this, we have outlined some reliable methods of collecting feedback.

1. Support live chat in real-time

Using a live chat feature encourages shoppers to give feedback, and it also increases sales and keeps them coming back. Customers can ask questions, get help, or express their frustrations. They often provide you with valuable feedback to help you improve your products or services, such as data or information they share.

The use of chat support helps businesses resolve problems more quickly. However, to receive feedback, you must use a chat program that lets you save transcripts. If you intend to use this feature, offer excellent chat support.

2. Support via email and phone

It is possible to collect customer feedback through email and phone as well. You can also ask customers how they feel about your company.

Some users might still prefer email and telephone support despite live chat being the most popular option. Enterprise phone systems, incidentally, also make this possible. More than 29% of internet users like to send detailed emails that include photos. Taking the feedback you get from customers and putting it to good use will greatly benefit your business.

3. Request feedback after a meeting

As soon as a support session is completed, ask for feedback. Knowing how your customer service department is performing can help you determine if you need to shuffle your priorities. Moreover, asking for feedback can generate leads for your company.

Having unhappy customers leave negative comments more often than satisfied ones is problematic. But if you find out that someone is still satisfied, you can go the extra mile and do everything in your power to make them happy. The possibility of being maligned is reduced while customers are kept.

4. Call Your Customers

Calling customers allows for customized feedback. However, calling should be circumspect. The best times to call a lead are between 8 am and 9 am and between 4 pm and 5 pm as per the reports. The majority of people do not like to be interrupted while eating, especially if they are not directly benefiting from the calls. 

You should also prepare a script. The tone of your voice should be genuine, and you should not offer marketing offers during the call. The main objective is to gather feedback and demonstrate your respect for the recipient’s opinion.

The efficacy of this method is quite high, however, it may be quite time-consuming, so it should only be used for clients with a high-potential or long-term relationship.

Strategies to Improve Customer Loyalty

1. Provide excellent customer service, even on social media

Microsoft’s study found that 90% of global consumers place a high value on customer service when selecting a brand. 

Your customer service experience impacts whether a customer becomes a loyal customer. When a customer interacts with your staff, they assess the quality of the service. 

The next time your customer walks through the door makes a return, contacts you after purchase about a broken product, reads a customer review on Facebook or speaks with an employee about finding the perfect gift, they’re keeping score.

Customer service reps must be friendly, helpful, and efficient, and your company should also have a team of customer support representatives that can resolve problems in a timely manner.

Research shows that consumers expect quick service through social media. Forty-two percent expect replies within an hour, and 32 percent within 30 minutes.

2. Ask for advice and heed it

It’s likely that when your mom gave you advice as a teen, you rolled your eyes, got defensive, and said, “She doesn’t have a clue about this.”. 

Businesses react to customer feedback in the same way teenagers do. If it’s something they don’t want to hear, then they will not listen to it – even if it is valuable advice.

Every business should collect and listen to customer feedback. If your store’s layout is insufficient, fix it, and then inform your customers after it has been completed.

Your customers will see that not only are you reading their feedback, but also incorporating it into your business plan.

3. Provide convenient services

Your customers will return if you make life easy for them. Try simplifying or improving the customer experience. If you prefer not to have your customers go through a maze of automated menus over the phone, consider streamlining your checkout process so they can get in and out quickly.

4. Customer loyalty should be rewarded

Rewarding loyal customers is the best way to keep them coming back. Offer discounts, items, and exclusive deals to customers through a loyalty program.

Approximately 71% of loyalty program participants consider their membership a substantial part of their relationship with brands, according to a Bond study.

What makes loyalty programs so effective? Customers wish to be appreciated. Ultimately, they have chosen you over everyone else to spend their money with. A loyalty program would be an appropriate way to repay his kindness.

As a final note!

If you are having trouble retaining customers, you may need to develop a new strategy to bring them back. This guide should help you develop and maintain a loyal customer base. Remember that retaining customers is much more cost-effective than replacing them. Listen to your customers’ voices because you can better your customer experience by integrating their feedback. Moreover, Saasfe can impact and help you boost customer loyalty by offering assistance.