Are you SaaS product managers? Do you know which customers care about what matters most to them? Is Feature voting something you should consider? Well! By using feature voting, feature priority determination is taken out of the equation.

Indeed, bear with us as we discuss best practices and why feature voting makes sense.

First, let’s understand feature voting.

Features voting – what is it?

Voting on feature requests or product roadmaps is a method of choosing what product features customers want. A list of features is sorted based on the features that receive the most votes, just like Reddit. In most cases, this occurs through a feature request form on your website, where customers can vote on existing requests instead of adding new ones.

How does the feature voting process work?

  • The users can vote on features they want to see in your product and suggest improving it.
  • The feedback they provide is associated with their user account.
  • It’s easy to identify who is providing feedback.

Using feature voting provides you with the following benefits as a product manager:

  • You can view a list of your most requested features instantly.
  • Identify which feature requests are essential to your customers.
  • Get valuable insights from tons of organised data.

Following that thought, here’s why SaaS product managers should consider feature voting.

How is feature voting beneficial to SaaS product managers?

1. Get to know your customers.

It is essential to use feature voting to determine what your customers value most and which customers value it most.

If you build features that your customers value, your product will be more valuable to them. This way, you can make your product more valuable by understanding what your customers care about.

Understand which features are essential to customers. See which features are being upvoted by customers. You will be able to see what matters to different segments of your customers and prioritize the products based on what is important to each segment.

With the help of Feature voting, it is easy to know what your customers want when they can vote on it. Your product roadmap can be prioritized according to your customer’s needs if you understand their needs.

Data-driven roadmaps are the best. Always keep an updated list of the features you most often request. Prioritizing your product based on the number of upvotes is a good idea. Together with other factors such as effort put into developing the feature, strategic significance, etc., these data should be analyzed. 

Organize and maintain your backlog. Recent research revealed that 37.9% of product managers have a messy backlog. Organize your product backlog by collecting all feature requests in one spot and providing customer information, such as how many customers have voted for a specific feature.

2. Be sure to notify your customers when something they requested is launched.

Having SaaS tools open up the possibility of sharing feedback is often one of the drawbacks (It is why we built Saasfe). While exploring your feedback page, you may discover that you can share or upvote feedback, see what others are requesting, and what the company is planning. It can even help you get a feel for the company’s direction while also getting your feedback.

However, the real game-changers will be when you’re notified when a request or upvote has been implemented. By doing this, you may feel heard and valued. Giving your customers the best possible experience is easy, yet many companies fail to do so.

Ultimately, you want more satisfied customers to grow your business. Your customers will appreciate it if you use feature voting. Using that as a guide, you can create more valuable products to boost productivity and reduce customer churn.

Implementing best practices

A well-implemented roadmap voting process will provide the best results. Engaging your customers is a good practice. Get to the bottom of your customers’ needs. You can get more information, test your solutions and ask questions. Be aware that customers may see a feature in a different light. The feature page is a great place to learn who to contact if you want to conduct a customer interview.

Integrity and openness are essential. Make sure you are transparent and open to the public if you decide not to implement a requested feature. Possibly, it isn’t aligned with the direction that your product is taking or is not the right fit for your business. If there is a reason, let your customers know about it.

Like a forum, design your feature voting page accordingly. Keep your forum up to date and neat by being an active curator. Keep comments relevant and helpful and merge duplicate or similar requests.

Stay in touch with your customers. Update the status of customer requests to keep them engaged. Make sure they know you are listening to their needs and taking action.

How do you get started?

Utilizing a specialized tool such as Saasfe will make voting for features much easier. 

Saasfe offers your users the opportunity to track their interest in features by downloading a public product roadmap, which is updated continuously. Closing the loop on customer feedback requires your company to inform your customers of its actions. Being informed that a company just launched an application you requested is a great customer experience!

As a summary!

No matter how tracking works, you will always receive feedback from your users. Make sure this critical data doesn’t get lost. Saasfe is the best way to collect feedback from users. Product managers can quickly figure out what users want using this tool. They can communicate user requests from the data to the rest of the team.

Saasfe allows you to Feature Voting Managing your customer feedback is made easy with Saasfe.
Saasfe enables SaaS and startups to collect customer feedback and prioritize it to better products. You can keep your clients in the loop and show them what is most important.

Streamline customer service and product quality with Saasfe. Let them voice their opinion, discuss feedback, and upvote. Say goodbye to slack notifications, messy spreadsheets, and emails. 

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