Your community’s information, thoughts, concerns, and comments regarding their experiences with your organization, product, or services are known as customer feedback. This input helps to improve the customer experience and may help any firm make beneficial changes, even when it’s unfavorable.

When you can collect your customers’ unique insights and use that knowledge to create better experiences, they feel involved and appreciated. Usabilla and other feedback management solutions make it easier for you and your consumers to have these important dialogues. For businesses at various stages of development, free or low-cost Usabilla alternatives may be able to help you expand while enhancing user feedback loops.

11 Usabilla alternatives that give comparable features and capabilities are as follows:


Customer feedback may be simply captured using UserSnap’s simple to deploy form for online applications and sites. Usersnap is one of the best Usabilla alternatives that helps you to collect users’ feedback. You may connect your support conversations, help pages, and other customer service channels.

Surveys can assist elicit perceptions and triggering subsequent events, and feedback can include screenshots and unique data. For $19/month, Usersnap offers a basic package that supports two team members on one feedback project.


Top Usabilla Alternatives

Qualaroo is another Usabilla alternative and it is user research and customer feedback platform that offers survey tools for websites and apps. You may engage consumers at the right moment to receive the most meaningful input by using extra user targeting techniques.

Product teams may use quality data to gain actionable insights that can help them make better design decisions. Qualaroo is available at $100 a month, and each monitored page view will cost you a fraction of a penny.


Best Usabilla Alternatives & Competitors

HelloNext is one of the usabilla alternatives that help to collect input on its websites via feedback boards. You may make public or private boards and then utilize the data to generate roadmaps.

You may publish release notes to everyone allocated to that board and send alerts to users after you’ve launched a new feature update. HelloNext is available for $12/month for small teams. The price rises to $25 for ten boards.

Product Board

Best Usabilla Alternatives

Customer feedback and product management capabilities in ProductBoard include collecting input, prioritizing requests, and creating roadmaps. Organizations may use integrations to automate some functionalities and give data to other team members and systems for feedback collection and product delivery.

You may establish a feedback portal for certain audiences and domains to consolidate input. The most basic subscription is $20/month, with a maker being the person in charge of developing, modifying, and updating product boards.


 Usabilla Alternatives

Nolt is a tidy location for all your user requests. Give your consumers a voice, and you’ll learn a lot about them. Prioritize comments, create a roadmap fast, and send automated updates to everyone. With just $25/month, you may create your own Nolt Board.

User Voice

Best Usabilla Alternatives

UserVoice helps businesses make strategic product decisions, increase user engagement, and retain customers while reducing expenses. Product teams may work more effectively with customers, customer care, success, and sales teams with UserVoice.

Customer assistance software costs $15/month, while sophisticated software that keeps track of client comments and requests costs $499/month.


Usabilla Alternatives

Pendo collects consumer data and helps teams organize it on a single platform via surveys, feedback forms, product roadmaps, and in-app assistance.

Additional connectors can expand functionality to other systems and can track user behavior on-site using critical insights. Pendo also allows to create guided lessons and perform polls for websites or applications. Pendo’s free edition will accommodate up to 1,000 monthly active users. 


Usabilla Alternatives & Competitors

Upvote is a customer satisfaction management tool that helps businesses gather, store, and analyze feedback. Product plan, post moderation, and feedback boards are a few of the features.

All feedback forms may be linked to other applications such as Zapier, Slack, and Google Analytics. It’s ideally suited for startups and SaaS businesses, with a monthly cost of just $15.

User Report

Best Usabilla Alternatives

UserReport is made up of a survey and a feedback form. By operating as an integrated component of a website or app, it allows you to have direct contact with users and learn about them, what they’re looking for, and how they think you might improve. It is, for the time being, completely free.


Top Usabilla Alternatives

Savio is a feature request software. It receives feature requests from a variety of sources. You can follow them using Savio from whichever direction they come. Intercom, Help Scout, and Slack, for example, may all provide feedback in one location. Customer feedback can be gathered on Zendesk, HubSpot, and other websites. The entry-level premium package is $25/month. 


Customers feedback is the most crucial part of product management. It helps to enhance the product and develop new features within it. As companies recognize the need to accurately track customer feedback to improve conversion rates and increase lifetime loyalty, you should consider which platform would best fit your needs right now.