The success of your brand’s product or service depends upon the experience of your customers. If you can come up with the idea that is a replica of what customers desire, then congratulations! You have earned yourself a loyal customer. Right after that, your customer success team crosses the threshold-helping clients draw up to their goals.Feature request software works as a powerful weapon that helps companies to build a product that sells.

It can assist customers at every aspect of the product development process, but arguably where it adds the most benefit is deciding which new feature to design first and which to build next. How exciting is that? 

But with the growing base of customers, how do you manage or organize your feature requests? Is it by using the old traditional method, or do you have an app for that? Most of you must be utilizing the modern method because let’s face it- They are both times effective and cost-efficient.

No wonder the competition has set the platform with loads of other software. Today, in this article, we will be covering the 12 most potent feature request tools that can help your SaaS team to become more organized, authentic, prioritize, and respond to user feedback. These tools will further improve your product to fit perfectly with your customer’s needs. Time to get started! 

Best Feature Request Software For SaaS:


Saasfe is a customer feedback platform that includes a simple feature-request tracking software. It enables the companies to collect customer ideas/feedback directly from them in an organized way and know what does he expect from your product. It then employs the gained insights to administer the business growth.

feature request software

This feature request software allows the users to vote for the ideas or recommendations proposed by other users, or even can project a new product feature idea. Moreover, the simple-to-use interface of the software allows easy feedback submissions free from any chaos. 

The best part is the affordability as it offers a free plan to kick-start your business followed up by inexpensive pricing plans as per the business size and website traffic.

There is also a feature called reaction tools, which helps you learn more about the insights and know what your customers are feeling about the feature of the product so that you can make changes accordingly. Saasfe is the free and most affordable way to gather customer feedback.


Savio is a feature request tracking program that is simple to use. It’s lightweight yet it packs a punch. It enables teams to gather customer feedback consolidated and structured, dive down to discover which consumers want what, and then prioritize features based on the essential criteria.

It enables you to build a comprehensive knowledge base about your consumers’ problems and perfect solutions. An API, a public vote board, and the ability to complete the loop on client requests in just a few clicks are all key elements.


Trello is a software feather management application that allows teams to organize tasks into cards and track project status. Your team might create a public panel where consumers can sign in and react on the cards to vote for their preferred feature.

The main aspects include the option to enable public access, the opportunity for customers to contribute their feature requests, and the capacity to develop a customer-facing Kanban-style roadmap.


Sleekplan is an easy-to-use feature request tracking software that walks you through the entire feedback loop, from gathering comments on a feedback board to arranging features on a roadmap to displaying new features in a changelog.

It also allows you to submit customer satisfaction questionnaires. Sleekplan’s key features include an in-app evaluation widget, configurable style and content, and a practical weight calculation.

Feature Upvote 

On an online feature request board, Feature Upvote aggregates feature requests from multiple sources. Panels may be made private or public, and both team members and consumers can vote on ideas and demands.

Dynamic boards, upvoting, and labels that indicate the status of thoughts are some of the significant elements.


Hellonext is a software platform for managing and organizing clients’ feedback on internal and external boards for SaaS companies. It enables teams to develop product roadmaps and changelogs, ensuring that consumers are informed about current feature demands.

Customer polling, single sign-on (SSO), bespoke roadmaps, and changelogs with tags are essential features.


Roadmap gathers consumer feedback in an interactive inbox and converts it into a knowledge base that can be used to drive product choices. It consists of a public voting board, a backlog of ideas, and a visual roadmap tool.

Google and Mozilla extensions and a roadmap widget for your website are essential elements in addition to the public voting board.


UserVoice gathers consumer input from a variety of sources and consolidates it into a unified voting area. Segmentation by consumer data identities for enhanced decision and a customized feedback platform are two key features.


Usersnap assists teams in gathering and prioritizing ideas, resolving problems, and gauging customer happiness. Dynamic platforms for submitting comments, client surveys, and reporting are just a few significant elements.


Craft is an open, collaborative tool that assists you in prioritizing features using standard techniques such as WSJF, RICE, and Moscow. Modifying the prioritizing process, Kanban roadmap boards, and customizable views for diverse stakeholders are just a few of the main features.

Feedback Scout 

Feedback Scout is a Plugin for WordPress that uses a voting board to collect and handle client feedback. The option to keep boards exclusive and real-time public roadmaps are two essential features.


Productboard is a sophisticated feature request tool that assists product teams in creating visual roadmaps that they can discuss with developers. Productboard provides fewer feedback management capabilities than Savio but more roadmapping capabilities.

The option to customize roadmaps for diverse crowds, a Chrome Extension that can aggregate requests from other services like Google Docs and SurveyMonkey, and the option to rate input by significance to the client are all significant features.


Canny comprises a voting board and a tool for visualizing product roadmaps. A public roadmap keeps consumers informed about product improvements based on submitted thoughts and demands, the option to filter comments by region, and automated status updates to users are all key elements.

Over to you

Getting feedback that perfectly fits in the market can be done by choosing a Feature request tool that helps in making your product authentic. Start with the consumer if you want to feel at ease about the choices you’re putting on your roadmap.

The tools listed above can assist you in doing so. They provide you with various levels of control over your feature requests. 

There is also a feature called reaction tools, which helps you learn more about the insights and know what your customers are feeling about the feature of the product so that you can make changes accordingly. Saasfe is the free and most affordable way to gather customer feedback.