Are you looking for the best alternatives? If yes, then this article is for you. As you know, Canny is a consumer feedback management tool that empowers you to understand business needs better and create a blueprint for future business operations. But most of the users are unsatisfied with their services and support.

Their customer support team doesn’t listen to the customer feedback. Even after numerous requests by the premium customers, they are not removing branding, even from the paid plans. Apart from the branding, users also want to attain a better interface over It is because, certainly, Canny’s interface is not very impressive.

Several users browse for a feedback management tool focused on SaaS-based companies. Pricing is also the main reason why almost all users are looking for a better and more affordable alternative. If you are one of them, we have shared the 15 best alternatives for your convenience.

If you are in a hurry, rather than going through all the alternatives, just want to know about the best alternatives you can integrate on your platform, then SAASFE is the one-stop solution for all your needs. It has everything from a clean interface to affordable pricing.

15 Best Alternatives

1. Saasfe

This customer feedback management tool claims to organize, collect, and attain feedback more easily in one place. Saasfe offers you two platforms to manage your consumer feedback, and it includes a web platform and an embeddable widget. Compared to, Saasfe is a more cleanly looking tool with a simple interface.

canny alternative

Saasfe provides unlimited widgets, customizable emails, custom email addresses, custom domains, micro roadmaps, and unlimited tracked users and helps you see what people think of your latest release.


  • Consumers can upvote, downvote, and comment on an idea
  • Users get access to a roadmap for consumer viewing
  • Designed for SaaS-based businesses


Saasfe has a free plan that you can access to manage consumer feedback and several other features. Saasfe basic pricing plan starts from $25/month and the pro plan $79/month.

There is also a feature called reaction tools, which helps you learn more about the insights and know what your customers are feeling about the feature of the product so that you can make changes accordingly. Saasfe is the free and most affordable way to gather customer feedback.

2. ProdPads

top Alternative

ProPad is an efficient alternative for It is quite decent and efficiently collects, manages, and offers true consumer feedback. There are roadmaps and product analytics that can be beneficial for businesses, and this tool helps you create an outstanding product by collecting real-time feedback.

Using this user feedback management tool, businesses can plan their strategy, surface their key ideas, and generate more revenue. Capturing ideas is also quite easier with a clear management process. 


  • It offers you simple UI
  • Idea management dashboard
  • Feedback survey


There is a free trial. Apart from the free trial, there are three plans. It includes an Essential, Advanced, and Performance plan. The Essential plan for small businesses is $149/ month, while the Advanced plan costs you $449 per month. The Performance plan is the most premium plan at $1299 per month. 

3. Hellonext Alternative

A consumer feedback management tool effortlessly collects a business’s feedback, business roadmaps, and changelog. This alternative allows you to accumulate and emphasize feature requests by consumers. Users can also submit feedback without signing in by enabling guest submission from Admin Dashboard.

Hellonext can also be used to update users about their feedback status. You can build a feedback base product roadmap, share new updates by publishing product changelog and streamline the user feedback lifecycle experience.

There are different ways to integrate Hellonext with your product by mapping a custom domain for your feedback portal, embedding a feedback popup widget inside your product and embedding a feedback portal within your product.


  • Feedback board for easy tracking
  • Featured roadmap offering you finer details
  • Changelog integration


This alternative has a 14-day free trial. Apart from the free trial, there are four plans. It includes Runway, Takes Flight, Fly high, and Enterprise plan. The Runway plan for small businesses is $15/ month, while the Take Flight plan costs you $29 per month. The Flyhigh plan is the most premium plan and costs you $59 and for the Enterprise plan pricing, you need to contact the sales team.

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4. Nolt Alternative

Nolt is a Feedback board that users and businesses will fall in love with! It comes with an updated interface without any outdated spreadsheet or horrifying tabs, and it makes user research for several reputed companies all over the globe. 

Using this alternative, you can easily create and share your roadmap in just a few clicks. It works with tools that are familiar to you, such as Jira, Trello, Slack and many more. Nolt gives you weekly reports on all your board data. You can also lock the conversation on a post to defuse heated interaction.

Nolt is built to work on all devices, making it mobile-friendly so that you can browse feedback with just one tap.


  • Users can vote for ideas
  • Detailed roadmap
  • Idea board for feedback


Nolt comes with a 10-day free trial, and after that, the pricing of Nolt starts at $25 per board, which gives you access to all the features, unlimited users and unlimited suggestions. It is a flat pricing structure that is the same for all users.

5. ProductBoard Alternative

ProductBoard is a consumer-centric feedback management tool that helps users gather and manage consumer feedback and helps you understand the consumer’s needs. It offers you a road map to align teams easily.

ProductBoard is another alternative that helps you to connect your backlog with always up-to-date and easy-t-share roadmaps. Prioritize feature helps you plan on what to build next based on user insights and company priorities. It also has a centralized feedback feature that allows you to collect all your customer feedback in one place.

You can also share plans and validate ideas through public portals. 


  • Easy integration with other APIs
  • Maximum engagement with idea voting
  • Understand consumer needs with insights


This consumer feedback management tool comes with a 15-days free trial. Apart from the free trial, there are four plans. It includes Essentials, Pro, Scale, and Enterprise plans. The Essentials plan for small businesses is $20/ month, while the Pro plan costs you $60 per month. To check the other two plans’ pricing, you need to book a demo.

6. Upvoty

top Alternative

Upvoty offers you instant feedback to streamline your products and generate more revenues. This web platform and an embeddable tool to quickly take consumer feedback. You can serve your boards seamlessly by impending your own brand identity by sharing your boards privately or publicly. 

Upvoty helps you to work together with your team on user feedback and easily inform voters about changes with one click. Through Upvoty, another alternative, you get to inform your users about what’s new and let them know the custom statuses.

You can easily build your feed of all the launches your product has done lately. It also helps you connect with more than 1,500 apps via Zapier.  


  • The website widget offers easy access
  • Users can get a detailed roadmap
  • Changelog integration and idea voting


Upvoty comes with a 14-days free trial. Apart from the free trial, there are three plans. It includes Power, Superpower, and Unlimited Power plans. The Power plan for small businesses is $15/ month, while the Super Power plan costs you $35 per month. The Unlimited Power plan is the most premium plan and costs you $59 per month.

7. Pendo

top Alternative

Pendo is a more efficient consumer feedback management software that helps collect consumer feedback and helps you find consumer sentiments and collect product insights. In terms of price also, it is quite decent.

It provides you with powerful product analytics by automatically collecting comprehensive product data from day one, personalized in-app guide, capturing and prioritizing customer feature requests at scale, and delivering incredible mobile experiences.

Pendo is one of the best alternatives.


  • Offers product analytics
  • Collects all consumer feedback faster
  • Detailed road maps to guide team


There is a free plan where businesses can access customer feedback easily. Apart from the free plan, there are three plans: Team, Pro, and Enterprise plan. For all the plans, you need to contact the sales team.

8. UserVoice

best competitor

It is a consumer feedback management tool and alternative designed for all SaaS-based companies. It accumulates consumer feedback from many sources to help you track better, and feedback from the internal team can also get tracked here.

UserVoice works on three major steps, i.e., collect, contextualize and communicate. UserVoice makes it easy for users to share feedback whenever and wherever they please. It gives you the ability to tap into various user feedback channels.

All the feedback from customers will be aggregated in a centralized place. It helps you to keep everyone in the loop with real-time updates.


  • It can collect feedback from Slack, feedback tools, and other APIs
  • Detailed Roadmap
  • Internal Status update


There is no information about pricing on the official platform, and you have to request a demo to get pricing details.

9. Savio

top Alternative

It is a tool that works collaboratively with your CRM or any support tool. Businesses can review the product feedback to maintain quality and consistency, and it is also quite decent for internal team communication.

Savio gives you centralized and categorized product feedback. It also prioritizes feature requests and gives visibility to colleagues and customers. Savio has a feature request voting board that collects votes only on specific feature requests.


  • It can accumulate features from distinctive sources
  • Users can focus on feature requests
  • Businesses can email shipping information to consumers


Savio comes with a free trial. Apart from the free trial, there are three plans. It includes SMB, Growth, and Scaling plan. The SMB plan for small businesses is $49/ month, while the growth plan costs you $99 per month. The scaling plan is the most premium plan and costs you $199 per month.

10. Usersnap

tools like

It is another customer-centric feedback management tool that brings you all supportive features. Usersnap is one of the best customer feedback software for Saas companies and allows you to give a dedicated feedback button on your web app or site.

With Usersnap, you can easily set up your customer feedback platform in 10 minutes, which can be done in three easy steps. It gives your website or app a dedicated feedback button to send bugs and suggestions. Usersnap helps you get visual tickets with screenshot mode to draw and pin comments.

The public board in Usersnap helps the customers to see and track their suggestions by publishing the feedback list.


  • There is a specific menu and tab for feedback
  • Visual tickets with the screenshot mode to draw and pin comments
  • Quality survey


There is a free trial for every plan. Apart from free plans, there are four paid plans. It includes Basic, Start-up, Company, and Premium plans. The basic plan for small businesses is $19/ month, while the Start-up plan costs you $99 per month. The Company plan costs you $189, and the Premium plan costs you $329 per month.

11. Qualaroo Alternatives

This consumer feedback management tool claims to be 10 times more efficient than an email survey. It is designed for SaaS-based businesses; Qualaroo collects feedback for your websites and apps, and it is also perfect for an eCommerce brand.

You can easily start using Qualaroo by setting up the code in three minutes. You can ask a custom question or choose from any of the templates. Then you can learn about targeting the right users to collect insights from them. The next step is to design your products confidently with your insights.


  • Surveying with ten questions
  • Offer exit surveys
  • UX design feedbacks


Qualaroo comes with a 15-day free trial. Apart from the free trial, there are three plans. It includes Essentials, Premium, and Enterprise plans. The Essentials plan for small businesses is $100/ month, while the Premium plan costs you $200 per month. To know the pricing of the Enterprise plan, you need to submit the contact form.

12. UserReport Alternative

User Report is a consumer feedback management tool that gathers feedback by creating surveys and NPS. Businesses ask anything to consumers using this tool, and UserReport is a tool suitable for all SaaS companies.

UserReport is free and easy to use, installing the survey is quick and simple. UserReport gives you infinite information about your users, and NPS informs you about how many users like you and how things can be improved.

Google Analytics gives you information about what users are doing on your website. 


  • Businesses can create a poll with any questions
  • You can also measure the Net promoter Score
  • There are also surveys for feedback


For now, UserReport and its current features are free. You can have a free sign-up to control and manage the feedback.

13. Linear

alternative of

It is an immersive product and consumer feedback management software. The interface of this tool is quite simple, and you can extract several features. It is designed for SaaS businesses, as it offers product and bug tracking. 

Linear is known for its speed; it has a speed of 100ms, which helps synchronize in real-time across all users. It includes several keyboard shortcuts to make your work easy. You easily access Linear and make changes in it without internet access.

The UI of Linear has two themes, Light and Dark. It lets you have all your team in one shared workshop. 


  • It offers you speed in feedback management
  • Linear comes with light and dark UI
  • It works offline


Linear comes with three plans, including Free, Standard, and Plus plans. The free plan costs you $0 per month, while the standard plan costs you $8. For the Plus plan, you need to pay $12 per month.  

14. Aha! Ideas

Canny competitor

Aha! Ideas are for all the mid-range and large-size businesses. It collects exactly what consumers demand, and it gathers feedback from several sources and helps businesses get votes for ideas. You can create a community where consumers can participate in groups to generate ideas.

Aha! Ideas give you immediate help on the project from their product pros, product concierge provides you with highly personalized account services and custom onboarding programs. It also gives you an opportunity for training and certification programs.


  • Built for large enterprise
  • Ideas dashboard and detailed road map
  • Businesses can make presentations


There is a free trial; however, after the free trial, there are three products. It includes Ideas, Roadmap, and Develop, and you need to buy each product separately according to your requirement.

Which Canny Alternative is Right for You? 

You can find a lot of options with affordable pricing. However, choosing efficiency and comparing features is imperative to finding the best alternative. This list offers you some of the best alternatives.

It also incorporates consumer voting, where consumers can collectively vote on a new idea. The administration of this software is also quite decent and easy, as you can manage everything from one place. SAASFE helps you create a better version of your software and strategically develop the right growth plan. 

You can also avail free trial with SAASFE to better understand its features, and then after complete satisfaction, you can upgrade to one of the premium plans.

There is also a feature called reaction tools, which helps you learn more about the insights and know what your customers are feeling about the feature of the product so that you can make changes accordingly. Saasfe is the free and most affordable way to gather customer feedback.


Canny Alternatives: Why not?

Canny, a user feedback software solution, was founded by Sarah and Andrew, two digital nomads. Canny may not be your best product or the most cost-effective tool for your company.
Canny has a few limited features that come at a high price. However, it all depends on how you use the software to create your product.

What are the best things about

– This is a great fit for large enterprises and SaaS software for big enterprises.
– Capable of integrating tools such as Intercom, Zendesk, and Slack.
– Provides MRR/ARR integration to prioritize feedback based on users’ pricing tiers.

Why is not good

– As you grow, you lose money.
– You can’t remove “Powered By” from your product.
– To integrate with tools other than Zendesk or Slack, you will need to rely upon their API.
– Canny comes with many options, but they are not customizable. You will need to modify your work to make Canny work for your company.
– The roll-out of new features is much slower than other competitors.

What tools are available to unlimited users of’s tracking system?

Saasfe is unique in not limiting the number of users being tracked. They believe that feedback platforms should allow product owners to receive as much feedback from users as possible and not penalize them.

Is offering a free plan?

No. doesn’t offer a free plan to its users.