A public product roadmap is a guide document that explains the why and how of your product. This document has many benefits and should be required for every SaaS company. The public should have access to your roadmap.

What is a Public Product Roadmap (or Public Product Roadmap)?

Public product roadmaps are visual representations of your product’s plan. This can be used to communicate with customers and employees about your future business plans.

Public product roadmaps can be used to market new features and get people excited about upcoming updates.

Who makes a Public Roadmap for the public?

Public roadmaps are generally created by the product manager. Product owners, product managers and developers are all involved. Executive stakeholders also participate. Front, Slack and GitHub are just a few of the amazing public product roadmap examples.

Why should my roadmap be made public?

A company can communicate their product roadmap to the public in a number of ways. To create a public roadmap, you can use the public roadmap tool.

A public product roadmap has many benefits:

  • Public roadmap keeps stakeholders informed
  • Transparency is possible with the public roadmap
  • Let potential customers know what you are working on
  • The public roadmap decreases the need to ask questions
  • Public roadmap is your plan to respond to customer feedback

Transparency is possible with the public roadmap

Transparency is a great way to encourage people to interact with you. Transparency will be a big plus for your clients and customers. They will be more likely to share their customer feedback with you and interact directly with you.

According to Label Insight, 94% of consumers are loyal to brands that offer complete transparency. KPMG called customer loyalty the “gift that keeps on giving.”

What is the point?

This allows your customers to interact with the team and can help you to improve your projects.

Customer feedback is vital for your public products roadmap because it keeps them coming back and drives your products.

Your decision-making process can be influenced by user feedback.

Let potential customers know what you are working on

Your website’s transparency will be appreciated by new visitors. They will be able to see exactly what they are signing up and what is still available for specific SaaS companies.

To make yourself stand out among your competitors, you can use your public roadmap tools such as Saasfe.

What is the point?

Attracting new users is something you will always want. That’s what keeps your business going. They will be more likely to take part if they have a clear understanding of your plans and objectives.

Customers will be attracted to your values and direction if you show them.

The public roadmap decreases the need to ask questions

A public roadmap is a great tool for your sales team. It provides all the information you need to help customers and your team. This can make it easier for salespeople to close more sales.

According to a Bright Local study, 76% of people trust online recommendations more than they trust family and friends.

What is the point?

This is crucial because it means that your sales team won’t have to spend too much time answering questions. Instead, they can direct customers to your public roadmap and show them the progress and the answers. It also helps to close the customer feedback loop.

It’s great because it shows others that you have goals and a direction. It saves customers and your customer success team valuable time.

The progress of feature requests can be viewed by users to gain a better understanding

A public roadmap displays your priorities, goals and direction to users, regardless of whether you use Trello, Google Sheets, or Saasfe . You can show users what you’re working on and what you’re not.

We want our customers and colleagues to feel closer to the features that we are building and how they will work.

What is the point?

It will show users what’s coming up and what the product’s added value will be. It can get them excited about what’s ahead and give them an idea of the time it will take. This will help avoid disappointment and uncertainty.

It is better to know what is and isn’t going on than what is actually happening. It helps you see the big picture and makes it easier to understand what is happening.

Public roadmap keeps stakeholders informed

Your public roadmap can be used to answer product-related questions as well as communicate with investors and teammates. Your roadmap contains valuable information that is essential to keep everyone informed.

What is the point?

This saves time and keeps your stakeholders informed about any changes, progress or when a project or task moves into the next phase.

Public roadmap is your plan to respond to customer feedback

The public roadmaps show the users how you intend to respond to their feedback and how it may be implemented into your project. It also shows which features you are most interested in, and how involved you are with customers during product development.

We have a vision of Front. It is invaluable to be able to present this vision to our users and ask them for their suggestions on the best way to get there. We share the ideas we are most passionate about, and our users let us know what “clicks” for them. Win-win. Win-win.

What is the point?

Your users want to feel valued and appreciated by you. It is important that they know you take their feedback seriously and appreciate it. This will give them confidence. This encourages users to give you more feedback and request new features.

Customers will be more engaged if you show that you listen to them and are trying to make improvements. A combination of a product changelog and a public roadmap is a great way to communicate your plan and make it transparent for customers.

Public Product Roadmap

You can use public roadmap tools to keep track of the product development process. These tools help you manage the entire product development process from setting your goals and objectives through to the creation of prototypes and finally the launch.


Saasfe is used to build public product roadmaps. It allows you to create:

  • A visual public roadmap will streamline the feedback process and allow stakeholders to keep up-to-date on product decisions and priority features.
  • Visually communicate your product strategy. Make sure everyone is on the same page. Prioritize the most important feature requests.
  • You can build customer loyalty and support through an easy-to-use product roadmap that includes the product vision.


Slack and Buffer have their public product roadmaps built-in Trello. Trello, a popular project management tool, helps companies manage and organize projects. Although it is primarily used for project management, many organizations use it to gather customer feedback. Learn how to manage customer feedback and create a product roadmap using trello.


Airtbale offers product roadmap templates that you can make public. You can customize your plans to suit your needs. This allows you and your team monitor progress and remain agile every step of the journey.

It provides both a long-term product vision for executives and a detailed roadmap for your development teams in one place. This empowers each stakeholder to access the information they require.


Notion also offers roadmap templates that can be used to make your roadmap public. This template is used to track all project work. You can organize your projects by epics and sprints, tasks and bugs, as well as view the database in different ways to view projects by status, engineer or product manager. Companies like Gumroad and Tally used it.

What happens if my competitors steal ideas from me if I have an open roadmap?

One of the downsides to having a public product roadmap is that your ideas could be stolen by competitors. The pros outweigh the cons.

It all depends on what motivates you. A public roadmap might not be the best option if your goal is to consistently outperform your competition. You will still have a competitive edge if you communicate clearly and are dedicated to your users.

Saasfe is free to use if you create a public roadmap. Saasfe makes SaaS companies more customer-centric by consolidating user feedback across multiple apps, prioritizing request with a public product roadmap and closing the feedback loop using release notes.