You can’t create any product in one night, one day, or even one week. It would be nice if you were focused, and the task required effort and foolproof and flexible planning. The planning around developing a successful product is known as a product roadmap. 

In simple words, a public roadmap is a tactical plan that you use to summarise future SaaS product functionality. Here are some key points that a planned product roadmap includes:

  • Product Vision: You need to be clear about what you want from your product in the future.
  • Strategy: An affecting plan that details what you will do to meet the vision.
  • Goal: A time-bound purpose that you can measure by a specific metric.
  • Initiative: Big themes that connect features you must implement to achieve your goal.
  • Feature: A real piece of your product, either part of functionality or a third-party application.

If you are new in the roadmap SaaS process, you must continue reading. This article will discover some of the different examples of creating a successful roadmap SaaS.

Also, you can consider some commonly used templates so that you can create a SaaS product roadmap all by yourself. Also, it is simple to create a portal for audiences to submit their feedback. It would help if you also used Saasfe to make the best SaaS roadmap. 

Why Do You Require Public Roadmap For SaaS Product?

You should know that the SaaS industries are booming. Almost a hundred countries around the globe are hosting SaaS company headquarters. Also, you should know when there are plenty of markets to capture; you get a lot of competition. A public roadmap helps you in:

  • You can transparently share what you are working on.
  • It can help you to connect your product managers and users directly.
  • Retain audiences waiting for a specific feature.
  • Capture new audiences looking for a particular feature.
  • You should also know that when users can’t easily find your public roadmap online, they get frustrated.

When you don’t publish your saas roadmap, you miss a significant opportunity to connect with your users. It is because when you don’t have a Saas roadmap, your users think that you don’t care enough if they know what you’re working on or not.

Also, your customers will only see your final product. Therefore, you can use Saasfe, an ideal solution to collect customer feedback. 

11 Public Roadmap Examples For SaaS Companies

It will be best to pay attention to every company’s status to inspire your roadmap. For example, if you have technical audiences, use terms such as ‘in development and ‘shipped.’ Otherwise, it would be nice to use terms like ‘in progress’ and ‘done.’ Some of the best website roadmap examples made with a diversity of roadmap tools are below:


A comprehensive labeled learning management system, Acadle uses a public roadmap to show ideas under consideration, under planning, in progress, and live.


Monzo is one of the best software roadmap examples that offer bank accounts and has some cool money managing features. You know that creating a saas product roadmap can be scary and requires much work. However, Monzo has a simple but effective solution.


A smart writer can help sales development representatives. You can use it to personalize outreach emails. 


Gorgias is a help desk area where they add images to customer ideas. It helps in the public roadmap engaging.


Kentico is a digital experience platform for managing multiple websites and campaigns of many businesses. It has a well-organized and designed roadmap.  


A social media scheduling software, SocialBee, uses Trello for the public roadmap. However, users can’t add task cards. They have to use some other format when they want to offer ideas. Therefore, the audience gets confused when they submit their feature requests.


Buffer also uses Trello for the Saas roadmap. However, you get simple statuses, but the board is messy and overwhelming. Moreover, users need to drop feature requests in task card comments if they want to.

public roadmap example


Github has a feature known as Projects by which it shares the product roadmap with its potential audiences. However, it is typically filled with so much data that it overwhelms its audience. 

public roadmap example


Jenkins is one of the most considerable open-source automation servers that help many businesses to automate parts of the software development practice. Therefore, a roadmap is crucial. Jenkins includes a very well-organized and simple product roadmap. You will also notice some extensive filtering options at the top.


Consumers, creatives, and businesses use Links which is a bookmark manager. Also, links have simple roadmaps. There are three statuses they use, which are in progress, under consideration, and live.


Attendify, an event technology company, includes a custom roadmap that has more depth. Attendify roadmap also has a separate section for roadmap items and launched items in different little corners. 

How Can You Make A Product Roadmap SaaS?

Here is the step-by-step instruction if you want to create a product roadmap for SaaS:

  • Describe the project’s goals; you need to be clear about your goal.
  • Maintain your saas product roadmap clear and concise; everyone in your team should understand the product and its role in product roadmap development.
  • Start user story mapping; create the product backlog.
  • Conclude the features and priorities of your product; you need to consider the importance of the quality and time you need to complete it during the project.
  • Classify work into other epics; put the complete saas product roadmap together into a sheet. The sheet should also include all the epics together under a definite timeline.
  • Produce a visionary board; it should be accessible to all stakeholders and track the SaaS product’s development progress.
  • Analyse your product roadmap saas; there can be unexpected roadblocks that you need to fix to meet deadlines.


You can easily create a public roadmap with any project management tool like Saasfe or ClickUp. However, please use a platform that is ideal for managing feature requests. If you cannot use that, you need to add users and ideas to the board manually.