Looking for the best changelog tools? If yes, then this article is for you. Below in this article, we have shared the 7 best changelog tools that you can use as a developer or founder to share your project updates with the world.

A product changelog plays an important role in error control, debugging, software updates, and other project phases. There are certain types of changelogs maintained for various kinds of projects. The ideology behind it is that for huge projects, numerous people work on systems with different ideas about design and different kinds of awareness about standards and compliance.

This will lead to different techniques, and the more these are documented, the more people can work together. Some developers consider a detailed changelog immoderate and question whether it provides value to the entire team or just an end-user.

What is a Changelog Tool?

The changelog is a record of all notable changes made to a project, such as websites, apps, or software tools. This change log includes changes in a project like bug fixes, new features, or updates. Traditionally changelogs are files, but their state can vary according to the project. It contains an organized, chronologically ordered list of notable changes for each project version.

The format of arranging these files is always in paragraphs, which defines a unique change within a file. Make it easy for contributors, users, and stakeholders to see exactly what changes have been made from version to version and act as a single destination to see the project’s history.

There are many open sources for using paid changelog software, but why go for it when you can have an alternative to use it for free. Some of the most well-known changelog tools for developers and founders are Saasfe, GitHub, Frill, Beamer, Headway, Changelogfy, and ReleaseNotes.

Why Does a Project Need a Changelog?

The primary reason for a changelog is to convey notable changes. It is also a form of communication to those who view the project to get an insight into when something is changed, removed, or added. Without a changelog, it would be tough to look through various documentation or different code versions.

The changelogs are placed where it is more convenient, based on the project. Many prevailing projects have their variations of a changelog, each picking a level the project owner preferred and then maintaining that design as they continue to update it.

Many prevailing projects have their variations of a changelog, each picking the project owner preferred and then maintaining that design as they continue to update it. You might think that creating a good changelog is not tricky, but it isn’t easy either. 

To create a good changelog, you must always include a complete history of notable changes. Saasfe is a free tool that allows you to create an ideal changelog in just a few clicks, you can also book a demo to check our tool.

Top 7 Free Changelog Tools for Developers and Founders

1. Saasfe

Saasfe is an incredible changelog tool. It helps you get feedback and ideas and reviews from your customers about what customers want and better suggestions for your business. Saasfe also plans roadmaps and announces product updates. 

With Saasfe, you get to know about the audience’s requests and get votes on what you are planning to do for your upcoming projects or products. Saasfe gives you an excellent and unique design. Also, it is straightforward for you and your audiences to use the tool to its full potential. 


There is also a feature called reaction tools, which helps you learn more about the insights and know what your customers are feeling about the feature of the product so that you can make changes accordingly. Saasfe is the free and most affordable way to gather customer feedback.

2. GitHub

Github is a code hosting platform for developers and founders. It is a common platform where multiple people can work on a single project from anywhere globally, reduces the risk of duplicative work, and can help decrease production time.

More than 50 million software developers use GitHub worldwide. GitHub helps developers build code, track changes, and innovate solutions to problems that might arise simultaneously during the site development process. 

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It is also a platform for non-developers or beginners to create, edit, and update website content.

3. Frill 

The Frill is a platform where you can collect feedback from your customers and it also helps you in roadmap management and changelogs. Frill has the best UX (user experience) of any other platform that is very easy to use, and it has a very clean interface, making it very pleasant to work on it. 

It has a feature called prioritize a plan to integrate the best ideas from customers into your roadmap. It is fully customizable to keep things clean and simple in your roadmap. Also allows you to upload a featured image to each idea to get customers excited about your offering or building. 

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Frill helps you to keep your customers informed as you launch new features. You can also add photos, videos, or even ideas to your announcements using a familiar editing environment built for speed and easy use.

4. Beamer

Beamer is a changelog tool that supports multiple languages and allows you to collect user feedback and reaction. However, this is not a paid feature but has very limited features in the free plan. 

This tool can be used by software developers, product managers, and even marketing teams, from individuals to enterprises with hundreds of developers, to update users with a changelog notification widget in their app. 

Beamer’s free changelog tool is only available to businesses with fewer than 1000 visitors to the notification app, and that’s why this is a widely used platform by beginners.

5. Headway

Headway is very similar to Beamer, the best changelog app to get started with. But a user cannot interact with you via the changelog or subscribe to the updates, lack of these features is a big drawback compared to Beamer. Headway has a very clean and simple design and transparent pricing. 

It also has a very limited free plan but keeps things simple by allowing you to unlock features such as custom domains for a flat rate of $29 per month. Headway will enable you to create changelog updates for new releases and bugs your team is aware of and is currently working on. 

It offers you free features such as complete changelogs, design customization, and Twitter integration. Headway offers a free changelog software but doesn’t offer other features like customer feedback and prioritization or roadmap management.

6. Changelogfy 

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Changelogfy has a dedicated portal with a custom domain using your brand, generating content that will boost the presence of your product and services in the digital environment, especially when it comes to SEO. It gives you an option to choose what will be public where everyone will follow or private, segmenting notification.

A private portal allows integration between teams, improving the fluidity of your communication and optimizing information processes. It allows updates to reach interested parties through a timeline that saves time and energy. 

Another feature like the widget app offers an easy-to-use widget tool update that you can install on your product or service. In Changelogfy, each update can be sent by automatic updates via email, and it also allows users to sign up to receive updates directly in their email inboxes.

7. ReleaseNotes

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ReleaseNotes help you keep your remote or internal teams up to date on your latest releases, so they can stay on the pulse and be more effective in their jobs. You can use ReleseNotes private releases to share private updates with only those who you want to share. 

It helps you let your customers know that you are on top of things by displaying a steady stream of your recently resolved issues. After delivering such a great product, you can promote your work when you have new updates to your existing user base and the wider public to win more deals. 

The widget feature shows the users how many product updates they haven’t read so that they are reminded to check the release inbox and get the latest news. ReleaseNotes lack user feedback collection, roadmap management, and publication features.

Final Words

When it comes to error control, software updates, and bug fixes, changelogs are necessary, making the execution of the massive project easy. But at the time of integrating any changelog software with your project, you should check it for all the required features. 

Saasfe is one of the best changelog tools preferred by many developers and founders. Provide you hassle-free management, quick and simple feedback sharing, and lots of customization options. We suggest you try Saasfe.